Basketball Practice 1/7/19

Today's Workout: 
Quick Shooting Drills and Learning New Offensive and Defensive Plays
Workout Duration: 
1 hour and 45 minutes
Honey Nut Cheerios and Apple Sauce
Ham Sandwich
Bourbon Chicken
Green grapes and goldfish
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
The sound of basketballs, the net, and the squeaking noise from the basketball shoes
I'm grateful for: 
My endurance and my ability to adjust to a new play
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Execute the plays I learned in practice at our game tomorrow
Journal entry: 
The day was very relaxing. I woke up at 10:00 because I didn't have school, and after I ate my breakfast, I drafted for this week's upcoming article. I also shopped for prom dresses, but that's not the point. I took a Lyft to my practice, and I realized there were only 6 of us (including me) at the gym. We have a total of 11 players, but 5 of them were missing because they were out of town on their J-Term trips (J-term is known as January Term, which is an opportunity for high school students to learn topics outside the classroom). We didn't have two of our starters, and they both make huge impacts on the team, so we had to adjust to that. We started off the practice by doing some small shooting drills to warm us up. Then when we were warm, our coach made us do more intense drills, so we could condition. We did shooting drills for about 45 minutes, and then we moved to learning a new zone offense. The offense, to me, was very simple; however, my teammates didn't agree. We spent over 30 minutes learning the new offense, and it was frustrating because I'm not a patient person. However, we did all end up understanding it, so we moved to a new defense called "Zone 3-2." Since there were only going to be 6 players at out game tomorrow, our coach decided not to run our usual man-to-man defense. Instead, he coached a new zone to keep us from getting to tired during the game. The defense was easy; it reminded me of the standard 2-3 zone that a lot of teams run. We ended off practice shooting free throws, and I made 3 out of 4.