Basketball Practice 12/30/18

Today's Workout: 
Shooting Drills (Some involved conditioning)
Workout Duration: 
1 hour
Frosted Flakes, an orange, and peach yogurt
Hot dogs with ketchup
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
The sound of basketballs
I'm grateful for: 
My improvements in shooting
Tomorrow's goals...: 
I want to shoot better the next day. I also wasn't shooting as rapidly as I would like to. I think that's because I am out of shape from the holiday break.
Journal entry: 
Today was a shootout at practice because not many of our teammates were there. Some were absent due to vacation. However, that didn't stop the remaining players from working. For an hour we were shooting. I used a shooting machine to help imitate real game situations. Offensively, I am constantly in motion, so I used the shooting machine to replicate those scenarios. I would go away from the shooting machine, then I would cut back to receive the ball that was given by the machine. Then, I shot the ball. I was tired after like the 10th shot because let's be real, I did not exercise during the break. My fatigue really affected my shot; I was 30% from the field...well, according to the machine. Tomorrow will be better, I hope