Basketball Game 11-27-18

Today's Workout: 
Basketball game
Workout Duration: 
1 hour and 15 minutes
Honey nut cherries and some green apple slices
Pasta with Clementine and lemonade
Pasta dipped in cheese and marinara sauce with a side salad (pregame meal)
Pretzel Crisps
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
The natural sounds of a basketball game: shoes squeaking, crowd screaming, coach coaching, etc.
I'm grateful for: 
How hard the team and I worked
Tomorrow's goals...: 
To win the next game and go hard in practice
Journal entry: 
Today was our first game. I was nervous. I was on a new team with a completely different skill set. The rest of my teammates were pretty nervous because most of them are new to basketball. At the beginning of the game you could tell we were all nervous because we made sill mistakes. However, as the game progressed, we were more and more comfortable with the game and each other. We were all very tired by halftime, probably because we weren't in the best condition we needed to be in. During the third quarter, I had to sit on the bench for a while because I got cramps in both of my calves (Charlie Horses are the worst!!). I was able to come back in the game, which was better. Even though we lost th game, it was a fun start to the senior year basketball season.