Are you hungry or bored?

Today's Workout: 
Leg circuit, sprinting on the treadmill with an incline
Workout Duration: 
1 hour
Bowl of honey bunches of oats with almond milk
Tuna wrap with hummus and lettuce
salad with ground turkey and feta cheese
hummus with pita chips, almonds, grapes
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
"So Good" by Zara Larsson
I'm grateful for: 
Amazing friends who love me for who I am
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Start outlining for my quiz on Monday!
Journal entry: 
Living in an apartment definitley has its perks. The biggest perk of living in an apartment is having a kitchen! Its so nice to be able to cook my own meals, and to not have to rely on the dining halls. However, I find myself always eating out of boredom. I like to do my homework on the kitchen table because of the space, but everytime I do my homework in the kitchen I eat everything in sight! And I have realized that I am not even hungry, but bored. After doing homework for a couple of hours I start eating because I do not want to do my homework. in order to fix this problem, I have recently stopped doing homework in the kitchen. It is a small change, but I know that it will help me accomplish my goal of loosing two pounds per week until I hit my goal weight. Even though I snack on healthy foods, its still food, and in order to loose weight I need to be burning more calories then I am consuming. Therefore, I will refrain from hanging out in the kitchen, and take my books to the library!