7-day #LoveYOURSELF Challenge Starts + Flywheel + New Favorite Trader Joe's snack

Today's Workout: 
Spin Class
Workout Duration: 
About 50 Minutes
Cookie Dough Quest Bar
Starbucks Tomato Parm Panini (I need to grocery shop!!!)
Trader Joe's Reddiegg with their light string mozeralla cheese and broccoli
Peanut Butter Puffs from Trader Joes
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
Davanna (the instructors) Playlist - Which was fire!
I'm grateful for: 
Trying this flywheel class. Though it nearly killed me, it was nice to switch things up!
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Grocery shop... and I have a lot of computer work to do for school and my business!
Journal entry: 
So this is going to be a 3 part sweat diary, starting with my Flywheel class: Holy Wow! This flywheel class led by Davanna was amazing! I took it yesterday, but I did want to do a sweat diary about it. I highly recommend trying it at least once. It's one of the most high-intensity cardio workouts I've ever done, and there's an arm workout section where you use light weights to set them arms on fire!!! I really enjoyed myself even though I had to chill out the rest of the night because my legs were like jello. I also decided to take the time to do the 7-day #LoveYOURSELF challenge. Here are the 7 things I came up with. 1. I love that you're so focused on improving yourself. 2. I love how you've managed to pull yourself up after you've fallen (many times) and made yourself better. 3. I love how you treat everyone with kindness. Even if they don't deserve it. 4. I love how you put your family first, even if you're busy you make the time. 5. I love my cheekbones - random but I've grown to love them! 6. I love your physical and mental strength. It's so beneficial in life. 7. I love how hard you work. There are so many things on your plate, but you're pushing through with a smile. I am a firm believer that self-love and affirmations are so beneficial in setting your mentality off on the right note each day. I have been doing a self-affirmation for the past 5 months, and the main difference I notice is the positivity I've acquired, as well as confidence. I can't wait to read the other self-love statements! Finally, I wanted to share this high-protein, cheesy, breakfast with low calories for someone looking to lean out! Trader Joes sells egg whites called Reddiegg, and it has the same consistency as a regular egg! I use about half a cup of it for my omelet. Next, their light string cheese, with only 2.5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein, is a great addition! Chop it up and put it in your omelet. I use their garlic salt and pepper to season and sometimes add spinach for more vitamins! Finally, I use the broccoli cauliflower duet and sautee it with some olive oil and garlic salt and BOOM! There's an amazing and healthy meal with only 160 calories and 20 grams of protein. I use this recipe as a snack or light lunch and I'm in love. I've included the photo up top!