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PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is always on the hunt for new trends and stories for our audience. If you have a fresh idea about a teen topic or the scoop on what’s happening in fitness, we’d love to hear from you. Send your name and idea to hi@prettygirlssweat.com. Want to be in a long term relationship with us? Become a Teen Reporter or a Contributor here!

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The easiest way to be heard loud and clear is to become a member. The SWEAT SISTERS section allows you to share stories, connect with other young women, set up a profile, create a fitness journals, ask us for advice and more. Want more? If you are an active college student, you can start a team or join a team. If you're a high school or college student who loves to write, become a Teen Reporter. If you live in the Atlanta, GA area and you are a female student, college grad, young adult, career woman or a parent that just wants to network and break a sweat, come to our next Sweat Show! (VIEW SCHEDULE)

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Corporate companies like NIKE, media brands like ESSENCE, nonprofit organizations like Girl Scouts of America, and universities trust our expertise and fly us all over the country to give talks and lectures because they are confident we know a thing or two about making fitness fun. Want our founder Aeshia DeVore Branch to bring PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT to your school, health fair, church, family reunion, birthday or special event? Email us at booking@prettygirlssweat.com.

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As a for-profit wellness brand, digital media, e-commerce, and event management company, we love the opportunity we have to partner with the Teen Diaries Foundation to empower teen girls through fitness. We raise donations and sponsor our services for this charity monthly. Learn some cool ways you can get involved by visiting TeenDiariesFoundation.org!

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