Q + A: PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Captains Keep it 100 About Our “Sweat Sisterhood”



Every spring semester, we search nationwide for GAME CHANGERS to join our PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Dream Team. Are you physically active? Network and social media savvy? Do you want to promote healthy lifestyle tips to a large audience of your peers? Do you know it's time to make a difference on your campus and in your community? Do you want to start a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Chapter at your university? You may be the perfect fit. (CLICK HERE) to apply!

Since we believe it’s super important to know what you are getting yourself into before you commit, we chatted with seven talented team captains and asked them quick questions about what it really means to be a part of our “Sweat Sisterhood”.



What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

Pretty Girls Sweat aims to establish ongoing relationships. Anyone can take a fitness class or go to a health workshop. However, the Sweat Sisterhood offers the experience of consistent team building and personal development beyond fitness. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You have all your sweat sisters support!! We discuss the issues we face as women in college and how we can better our lives through healthy lifestyles. We tackle social issues and we provide a safe space for people to be open! NO JUDGMENT.

How does it feel to be the leader of the first Pretty Girls Sweat team ever established at a university?

I am very honored and humbled to continue the legacy and make my predecessors proud. Pretty Girls Sweat was launched on Temple University’s campus on in the Fall of 2012 with Joie Walker as the first Ambassador. Joie also took part as a pioneer for the program nationwide by assisting in the development of the Ambassador application for future sweat sisters. Temple University Ambassadors believe promoting healthy lifestyles among college women is not only a necessity, but a growing demand on our campus. This circle of safety and comfort while working out has been a movement embraced across campus and the Philadelphia community.


Why did you want to become a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT ambassador at your university?

I wanted to become a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Ambassador at Binghamton University because I saw the need for a group of girls to get together and help one another reach their fitness goals. Pretty Girls Sweat symbolizes so much: sisterhood, achieving one's goals, and living and leading a healthy lifestyle. Being away at college can especially convert a seemingly easy task of taking care of oneself into a daunting one. Thus, I knew bringing a group like PGS to Binghamton would not only inspire girls to take better care of their bodies, but to have others (our sweat sisters) supporting each other's mutual dreams and fitness goals.



What is an important quality to have as a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT ambassador?

An ambassador should be motivated to lead others to healthier lifestyles. It can be as simple as sharing a new recipe with a friend, but just consistently showing effort to your supporters makes a huge difference. Being a point of reference in your community/on your campus can be the start of something great!

How has PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT helped you grow as a person?



How has PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT helped you grow as a person?

Being a Pretty Girls Sweat Ambassador has not only showed me the power of sisterhood, but it has also shown me how much I have grown in the past couple of years. As a sophomore in College I am starting to realize more and more each day about adulthood and all of the responsibilities that come along. Volunteering for Pretty Girls Sweat has taught me how to stay organized and goal oriented, two very important traits to have in the workforce. I have noticed that every since I became an Ambassador for Pretty Girls Sweat I hold myself more highly as an individual and think of myself as a role model to all young women and by being a role model I have improved my health and fitness habits and focused more on living to be happy and not skinny. Pretty Girls Sweat is an amazing organization and I am glad that it has help mold me into the young woman I am turning out to be.


How do you plan to make and impact on women’s lives through PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT at your university?

Montclair State University plans to make an impact with our sweats sisters on campus by hosting weekly workouts as well as utilizing our Group Me. Our Group Me is where we all talk about when we're going to the gym as well as express fitness our goals to each other. It is a great place for the sisters to come together and bond and make the sisterhood even stronger!


What was your favorite PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT memory last semester?

My favorite PRETTY GIRLS Sweat memory last semester would definitely have to be the community event my school had for Halloween! PGS brought something different to the table. We had different sports balls so that the children could play with granted this event took place in Fisk's gymnasium. The best part was the jumping ropes, every age range enjoyed jumping in and out and just enjoying time. OctoberFest showed to be one the best memories of Pretty Girls Sweat on campus because of the great feedback it received. October-Fest is a community based event where Fisk University creates a fun but safe atmosphere for the children in the Nashville community. With the fact that Halloween closey approaches, student organizations supply activities, prizes and of course candy in order for the kids to enjoy themselves.

The feedback Pretty Girls Sweat received was memorable. Playing double dutch served to be a crowd favorite. From 18-20 years old to 10 years old and even male students  played along.

When I experienced Pretty Girls Sweat firsthand for the first time two summers ago in Central Park in NYC with Shameless Maya and about 50 other girls, I knew I had to bring PGS to my campus. I had been following PGS for a year but was apprehensive to try and start it up at UB(University at Buffalo) because I had just finished my freshman year at the time. When I went to that event I wanted to get involved immediately and be able to spread that same positive energy at my school.