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PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is growing fast. We are looking for game-changers to join our #SweatSisterhood. There are five core values that set the tone for our company culture.

1. Be passionate about health, fitness, friendship, and philanthropy. 

From inception, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT has had three simple equations:
Uniting + Empowering Girls Through Fitness = SWEAT SISTERHOOD
Fitness + Friendship = FUN
Get Fit + Give Back = SWEAT MAKES CENTS
It’s super important for girls at all fitness levels to make health a priority and support one another. Our mission is to unite women through a #SweatSisterhood, show the many faces of fitness, and change the ingrained, negative stereotypes that sweat holds.

2. Be innovative.

Our #SweatSquad must be creative, introduce new ideas, SPEAK UP, and be original.

3. Be humble.

No matter your economic background, title, age, education, or if you scored the winning point in a championship game last season there is no “I” in TEAM. We respect and value everyone’s opinions and work together to move beyond our previous successes.

4. Ability to inspire.

Through in-person and virtual support, we find creative and innovative ways to motivate ourselves and encourage this community. 

5. Get ish done!

We thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and it is not easy. After the hard work is done, it’s all worth it when thousands of girls are inspired (and you had fun doing it).


If you’re in the Atlanta area, or interested in working with us remotely, apply to intern with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT! We have openings for interns in editorial, team management, social media/marketing, and graphic design. Internships are paid, offered for school credit, and hours are flexible. We hire for internship positions year-round and set up interviews and acceptances on a rolling basis. Please view our current openings below, and apply through the linked online application form. Questions? Email intern@prettygirlssweat.com.



Applicants MUST be females between the ages of 19-22, registered in college, and legal, US residents. SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY.

Deadlines to apply for internships are:
FALL // August 15 // September – Mid December
SPRING // December 15 // January – Mid May
SUMMER // April 15 // June – July



PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT founder, Aeshia DeVore Branch, grew tired of the alarming obesity rates plaguing youth and set out to create solutions with a highly engaging, lifestyle brand that makes fitness fun, affordable, and accessible for the population that makes, or will make, 80% of the healthcare decisions in the household… women. Their wellness experiences, annual fitness festival, digital content, and inspiring merchandise form a “Sweat Sisterhood” uniting women to “sweat with purpose,” raise awareness for childhood obesity, become health leaders and give back to underserved communities. Due to their passion combined with their strategy for changing the face of fitness, they’ve been on ABC, BET, PopSugar, and Essence!

PrettyGirlsSweat.com, written entirely by the nation’s top female student journalists and contributors, features content on fitness, mental health, and nutrition.

Former PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT interns say:

Being a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT intern was well-rounded. I was able to utilize and maximize all of my skills ranging from writing to graphic design to photography. Working with a growing and uplifting brand like PGS provided me with a wide range of opportunities to learn the basics of branding and brand management. Even more, I expanded on my own knowledge and I was given the chance to bring personal ideas to fruition, which is crucial in an internship setting. I also gained a sense of community and sisterhood. You can’t find that in many internship opportunities, but PGS provides just that. – Maricia Josephs, Editorial Intern

It’s not quite common these days for one to be passionate about something. Through the mentorship of Aeshia DeVore Branch, I’m proud to say that I was able to do just that, become passionate. This internship with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT has allowed me to see just how important it is to help make a difference. I remembered when I attended the first PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT event in NYC at only 18 years old, and now at just 23 years young, I have so much to be thankful for. The experience was something that I couldn’t have gained elsewhere. I’ve learned to conduct myself in a professional way, to think “outside-of-the-box” and to simply live each day with a smile! Every girl should get a chance to experience this outstanding organization at least once in their lifetime.  If there was one word to sum up my experience it would simply be “Unbelievable.”  – Ashley-Cree Maddix, Social Media/Marketing Intern

I’m grateful to have been a part of the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT team. I was an intern for a little over two years and in those two years, I grew and became a better journalist thanks to the program. I was able to get experience that helped prepare me for my current career as a news reporter. I was even given the chance to interview celebrities and executives in the entertainment industry. Not only was it great at helping me with my career, but it introduced me to some of the most inspiring women I know. It’s more than an internship. It’s a sisterhood of women helping you to grow and be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. – Kendria Lafluer, Video Intern

Working as an intern for a brand that means so much to girls, teens, and young women across the country has been remarkable. I appreciate how dedicated our team is! I’ve definitely grown both personally and professionally via my connections with the ambassadors and assignments. (READ MORE) – Brianna Arps, Editorial Intern

Interning at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT was a great learning experience. I was able to use my creative skills to encourage girls to live healthy lives as well as build my professional portfolio. The skills I learned as an intern will serve me well in the future. – Genesis Henriquez, Graphic Design Intern


PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Campus Leadership Internship

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT seeks dedicated, organized, efficient, ambitious interns to work in the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT virtually from August to April during an academic school year. Campus Leadership interns will serve as PGS Ambassadors to manage and grow PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s presence on their campus/university. Projects may include helping to grow our membership network, creating branded content, hosting fitness meet-ups on campus, and finding ways to motivate and incentivize sweat sisters. Strong communication and leadership skills are a must. Candidates must be current college undergraduates and passionate about PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Great if you love creating social media content, coming up with strategies for growth, very detailed oriented, and ORGANIZED. This internship is paid, offers commissions, and hours are flexible. 

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Graphic Design Internship

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT seeks talented, creative, professional, and self-motivated design interns to work virtually on a part-time basis. Candidates must be willing to work independently, meet deadlines on demanding projects, and respond swiftly to feedback. Applicants must demonstrate a mastery of Canva or Adobe Creative Suite software, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop, and be able to access the software on their personal laptop, which will be used during the internship. Design interns will work directly with the founder of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Interns will design infographics for use on social media, the prettygirlssweat.com website, and merchandise for the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Shop. Candidates must be current undergraduate students and passionate about PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Please submit design samples with your application. This internship is paid, offered for school credit, and hours are flexible. 

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Editorial Internship

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT seeks creative, witty, efficient, organized, detail-oriented editorial interns to work virtually on a part-time basis. Interns will assist the editor-in-chief with all things editorial-related: writing and editing articles, determining the editorial calendar, drafting social media posts, and working on content partnerships with sponsors. You will be given high-level tasks and a lot of responsibility! Since joining the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Team, our interns have been offered internships and jobs at NylonUS WeeklyRefinery29, and Essence. Candidates must be current college students and passionate about journalism. Previous editorial experience is a plus. Please submit a writing sample with your application. This internship is paid, offered for school credit, and hours are flexible. 

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Social Media/Marketing Internship

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT seeks a self-motivated, creative, organized, and detail-oriented social media intern to work virtually on a part-time basis. Interns will assist with all things social media-related: drafting shareable content for social platforms, brand storytelling, and managing PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s social media content calendar. Candidates must have excellent communication, writing and editorial skills, be current college students, passionate about PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, and familiar with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Please submit a writing sample of content you would post on the aforementioned social media platform(s) your skilled in with your application. This internship is paid, offered for school credit, and hours are flexible.