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You’ll Never Guess Where News Anchors Shop for Business Attire Under $30


Have you ever struggled to find an appropriate yet stylish outfit to wear to a business event or interview? We know the importance of dressing for success but dressing how your future self would seems ambitious when you’ve got bills to pay and a mini-fridge to stock. Worry no more! I spoke with a few media professionals who revealed the key places they shop online to score professional outfits on a strict budget. If you follow their lead, you’ll curate a business wardrobe that looks expensive and you’ll be stylish without breaking the bank.

From black and white color patterned suits to colorful pieces that could be mixed and matched, fashion has changed drastically throughout the years. Former news anchor Erica Donerson expressed, “things have become more relaxed to where business casual is a requirement.”


As a college student, you may have the urge to spend around $45 to $80 on that perfect anchor dress or the cleanest pants suit to fit into the business dress code,  but you'll be surprised to discover that most known television personalities wear low-end clothing that still looks nice on-air. 
“Literally all the dresses I wear on television are from Amazon. They hug your body in the all right places… They were only $20, and I have one in every color.” Traffic Anchor, Demetria Obilor stated. Knowing that you are on a tight budget due to school expenses, “ It's always good to find a good sale,” says Ashley Holer.


Is it best to wear heels or flats in professional environments?

Due to professionalism, the punctuation to a woman's business attire is a classic pump or even open-toed shoes. The only complication is the dreadfulness of your feet hurting after an hour or so. “You always want to feel your best and look your best, first impressions are everything but, once those few hours pass, and your feet can’t take it, just throw on those sandals or shoes that are presentable,” Ashley Holer expressed.

Here are some low-priced stores to look at when shopping for your next business event or career fair:

· Express (Blouses | $12 - On Sale)

· Fashion Nova (Dress Pants | $17-20)

· Fashion Nova (Pencil Skirts | $12-17)

· Amazon (Dresses $15-19 | Blouses $12-19)

So, when it comes time for a career fair or convention, don’t think the required attire is the suited and clean look. Explore your options and show off your fashion with broader options while spending within your budget range. Where do you shop for affordable business attire?

STYLE REPORTER | Mariah Hill is a junior at Clark Atlanta University majoring in Mass Media with a concentration in Radio, Television & Film. She hopes to become the next top known local news reporter and anchor in Atlanta. Although she received her first journal at the age of seven, it wasn’t until the age of seventeen that she discovered her true passion for writing and telling stories. Now at 20 years old, she continues to journal about her life experiences. By the time she graduates in May 2020, Mariah hopes to be fully prepared for her career journey.