Source: Paytra Gessler
Source: Paytra Gessler

We Tried It: An All-Natural Deodorant That's Actually Worth The Hype

Recently, I was able to test out Salt Way Botanicals' cruelty-free, all-natural deodorants. According to the brand, all of its antiperspirants are vegan, organic, and designed to "protect your body from toxic chemicals" all while minimizing odor and absorbing wetness. The best part? Each stick is 100 percent free from questionable ingredients like aluminum, preservatives, alcohol, and other synthetics.
I know what you're probably thinking because I was def skeptical too about whether or not they really work — even though I had already read great reviews about them online. But to be fair though, I'm not too-too picky when it comes to deodorant shopping. TBH, I usually just stick to whatever the cheapest brand at my local drugstore sells and hope it does a good job. 

Nonetheless, after one swipe underneath my pits, I was pleasantly surprised by the stick's gentle aroma — plus how silky-smooth its coconut-based formula felt on my skin. Out of the two scents I tried (soothing lavender and punchy rosemary-mint), I personally like the rosemary-mint pick due to its awesome "funk-blocking" power. It's basically like mouthwash for your underarms — genius! However, I must mention that neither of the deodorants left behind any ghastly white marks, an observance that won me over regardless of my scent preference. Props to you, Salt Way!
After doing some additional research on the products, I realized they're also made with magnesium rather than baking soda. According to dietician Amanda Austin and her blog, magnesium is a vital mineral that serves two main purposes when added to deodorant: it fights strong odors and nourishes your blood via the nearby lymph nodes found in your armpits. Who would have known?! Austin goes on to explain that although effective, baking soda is a common irritant and should be avoided by those with super sensitive skin — something to keep in mind for sure. 
Overall, I think it's beyond smart to use cosmetics and skin-care goods that provide long-term benefits without putting your body at harm. I genuinely recommend Salt Way, because, through its various offerings, the brand does exactly that! Their deodorants are $10.99, and they offer a variety of other products too. Click here to visit their website and shop!
Are you a fan of Salt Way too? Or, do you know of another all-natural product we should review? Let us know in the comments below! 

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