We Tried DEFINE: Atlanta's Trampoline Bounce Class


The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Dream Team gathered at the DEFINE body & mind Studio in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, February 3rd, to break a sweat during their high-energy bounce class led by owner and instructor Jessica Smithgall.

The sweat session kicked off with a team photo featuring a few of our Atlanta-based interns, captains, VPs, and workout coordinators along with our founder Aeshia DeVore Branch and special guest content creator and blogger Ebonne Eshaya Holyfield.

For one hour, all sweat sisters exercised together clad in all black PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT tees and workout gear for an unforgettable team-building experience.

The trampoline based workout is a low-impact, high-intensity fitness routine that targets both large and small muscle groups. It incorporates trampoline exercises and small weights to work your heart and lungs as well as tone arms, legs, abs, and glutes.

Through a combination of cardio, barre, and yoga moves, Smithgall helped the entire class burn countless calories and get their heart rate pumping. Her encouraging words and lively playlist helped everyone push through the difficult moments of the workout and jump to the finish line.

After the class was over, a few more sweat-worthy moments were captured before the day concluded.

Before exiting the building, Smithgall let everyone know about the studio’s other class offerings including body (barre), rev (indoor cycling), mind (hammock), and yoga and invited all sweat sisters to come take over the studio again.

The event marked the first sweat show of 2018 and kicked off the launch of the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT web series "Sweat The Studio". Stay tuned for the first episode! Until then, watch our workout recap BELOW!


Be sure to visit definebody.com/bounce to sign up for a class!

video + photos by: Breonca Alyssa Trofort

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