WATCH THIS! SWEAT The Studio Episode 1 | Bounce @ DEFINE: Atlanta


PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s latest series is officially here! Our YouTube channel is now home to the digital show "SWEAT The Studio". In each episode, PGS founder Aeshia DeVore Branch and content creator and influencer Ebonne Holyfield take Sweat Sisters to a premiere boutique fitness studio, interview the owner, and sample a signature workout. The experience concludes with the two grading it on three components:


Studios have the opportunity to score the maximum 30 sweat points and make their mark in the fitness world, while viewers get the 411 on cool classes so they can make wise choices when selecting a boutique studio to attend. Everybody wins!

In episode 1 (shot and edited by B. Alyssa Trofort), Aeshia and Ebonne visit DEFINE: Atlanta for their Bounce class, the ultimate low-impact, high-intensity workout designed to free your spirit and create some serious results.

Watch the first episode BELOW!

Own or work at a boutique fitness studio in Atlanta and want Aeshia and Ebonne to determine your studio’s PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Score? DM us on Instagram or email and let us know.

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