The Under $25 Fitness Gear You NEED For Your Dorm Room


While every college campus has a recreation center, there’s nothing like breaking a sweat in the comfort of your own room. Having small, space-friendly fitness gear handy in your dorm makes working out easy and convenient. Here’s an under $25 must-have list of workout essentials to add to your college shopping list this year:

1. Medicine Ball

A weighted medicine ball is a perfect addition to your personal workouts. For those days when you’re working on squat exercises or endurance training, we recommend trying the CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball. To determine what size you need, consider how intense you want your workouts to be.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment. They are especially great for arm and back exercises and can even be used to add resistance to push-ups. Champion’s Exercise Resistance Band is a great item to pick up as it’s just $11.

3. Mini Trampoline

According to, 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill. Keeping this $24 folding trampoline in your room is definitely one of the best ways to burn some calories and have some fun at the same time.

4. Workout DVDs

You can engage in a high-impact workout by simply popping a workout DVD into your laptop and following along. We suggest checking out celebrity trainer and PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT supporter Jeanette Jenkins’ workout videos, which retail for as low as $5. Visit her online shop HERE!

5. Foam Roller

When it’s time to cool down after your sweat session, a foam roller is key preserving your muscle health. These unique fitness accessories are known to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility post-workout. Take a look at this $14 foam roller designed by ProSource HERE!

What fitness gear do you plan on purchasing for your dorm? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

SWEATLEBRITY REPORTER | Olivia Hancock is is currently a junior at Georgia State University. The 19-year-old has loved writing ever since she can remember and her passion for it has allowed her to hold the title of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Teen Reporter for five consecutive terms. In addition, Olivia has had the opportunity to work with Her Campus, Aeropostale and Nordstrom as an ambassador. Her writing has been published on xoNecole, 21 Ninety, Her Campus, One MusicFest, and The Life Currency. In the future, Olivia plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and pursue a professional career as a writer at a lifestyle publication.