Toxic Friendships: 8 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Let Go

Friendships can have a major effect on your health and well-being. A healthy friendship is when two people develop a connection based on mutual respect and trust. Surrounding yourself with such positive relationships is essential because they maintain your self-confidence, boost your happiness, and help you cope with tough issues.
However, not every person you consider your friend is going to have your best interest at heart.  “Friends” who constantly make you feel depressed, self-loathing, or any negative emotion are not true friends at all and ties with them need to be severed. These eight signs tell you when to let go and move on:
1. You feel as if you are being judged
No two people are exactly alike so it is okay to have differing views and beliefs. On the other hand, being put down for your opinions is not okay. Friends are supposed to embrace each other’s life choices instead of patronizing them.
2. Your trust has been broken numerous times
Has your friend spread rumors about you or exposed one of your secrets? If so, it is a huge red flag that this person doesn't have your best interest at heart and is just trying to build themselves up by tearing you down.
3. They pressure you into uncomfortable situations
Our values and morals are what guide our everyday actions. Once someone expects you to go against what you believe and forces you into uncomfortable situations, it is definitely time to exit the relationship.
4. They make you feel inferior
In any relationship, both parties should be treated as equals. Being belittled and taken for granted isn't worth it at all! If you feel your self-worth starting to plummet, this is a sign to just let this friendship go.
5. They have lied to you numerous times
Trust is key when building a healthy relationship. Little white lies are no big deal, but if they have lied to you about their personal life or other important topics, it is time to reevaluate your so-called friend.
6. You're the one always making sacrifices
Are you always the one who has to stop what they're doing to accommodate them? Are you the one who has experienced more pain and frustration? If this is true, do yourself a favor and leave them alone.
7. You've tried to address the problems but everything stays the same
Sometimes putting it all on the table will help to resolve issues in a relationship, but if your friend continues to treat you unfairly, it shows that they are not a true friend and need to be deleted out your life.
8. You try to remember the good times instead of acknowledging the present problems
Instead of facing the current situation, do you choose to relive all the good times you shared? While these memories will forever be fond, it is important to realize that this person is causing you distress and both of you will be better off without each other.
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