Teen Couple Romel and Bethany Share Gift Ideas

Romel and Bethany share easy, simple but fun gift ideas to remind teens that it’s the thought that counts.
Valentine’s Day is a day that mainly focuses on love but another important factor are gifts! Now, when I say gifts I don’t mean fancy or expensive gifts. Unless that is what you can afford and truly want to give. For teens, there should be no pressure in the gift area. In teen relationships, Valentine’s Day should be fun and non-complicated (save that for the older folks guys!). If you were wondering about what to give your significant other, that’s completely normal. It’s surely something that will have you stumped. After all, there are so many options. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts.
Teen Couple, Romel and Bethany, who are both 18, have come to the rescue with five gift ideas each that will lighten your decision load. The two have been dating for about 8 months now and, believe it or not, are in a long distance relationship. How sweet is that? Romel lives in NYC and Bethany lives in Boston. The self-proclaimed based god and based goddess are so incredibly adorable and as you’ll see, you can’t help but fall in love with them and their gift suggestions.
“Valentines day is a very cool day to me. It’s a day to enjoy with your significant other. Enjoy a movie or go out to the city. It can be annoying if you're single though, but even then, you can always have a date for the day. This is my first Valentine’s Day with Bethany and hopefully there will be many more to follow.”
Clothes: Guys love clothes too. If you can get him his favorite brand or type of clothing, he'll for sure love it. You'll know once he wears it around. Bethany gave me a blazer a few weeks back and I wear it all the time.
Video Games: If they haven't grown out of it, getting him the latest game isn't a bad idea at all.
Dinner and a movie: This would be more of a conjoined gift. I wouldn't expect for the female to pay for all of it.
Something personal: I'm a hopeless romantic, so if she was to give me a homemade card with something sweet in it, then it would mean a lot. Especially considering she took the time to do it.
Money: You never go wrong with money. Present it in a cute way, like in a card or with candy. Who would turn that down?

I've never really been into the whole Valentine’s Day thing, only because I've never really had a Valentine to spend it with. Having Romel to share Valentine’s Day with this year will make it special and a lot better than previous years. Being able to spend time with someone you love and show your affection for that person more than you usually would is what makes Valentines Day unique."
Mix CDs or a CD: A CD of their favorite artist are always a great gift. It's a gift that is pretty personal and everyone loves music.
Create a memorabilia: Use pictures of you guys together or things you've done with each other. This allows you to get creative and add a personal touch to the gift, which I'm sure your Valentine will appreciate. I'd really recommend creating a memorabilia because it shows you hold the time you and your valentine spend together valuable and dear to you, and I think that's so sweet!
Flowers: Surprise your Valentine with a rose or a bouquet of flowers, they're a classic gift and so beautiful.
A love letter: A letter telling your Valentine how you feel about them is a really special and intimate gift to give. Girls love when guys tell them their true feelings, and what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day?
Dinner and a movie: A movie night would be a really cool gift, especially if you cook or go out to eat before. You can relax, enjoy the movie and each other’s company, which is the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. 
So, we know you want to keep tabs on this duo. We don’t blame you! Follow Bethany on Tumblr here (whoring4jesus.tumblr.com)  and Romel on Tumblr here (play-the-game.tumblr.com).

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