Take A Ride With “Rodeo” – Travi$ Scott’s New Album

Travi$ Scott fell victim to the nightmares of the Internet. With only 4 days before Rodeo’s official album release on September 4th, the album hit the airwaves of many, early. 
Long awaited and anticipated by many hip-hop fans, the Houston rapper takes listeners on a high energy, adrenaline filled ride into the mind of a dark artist coming to grips with the ups and downs of fame and success.
After signing to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music as a producer and T.I.’s Grand Hustle and EPIC Records as a music artist, Travi$ Scott has made his first album debut including the talents and influences of both of these artists.
Rodeo is introduced with “Pornography” a T.I. narrated track that infuses the sounds of the South with a beat reminiscent of Kanye West’s “New Slaves.” The track sets the tone for the entire album of whatT.I. states as a “young rebel against the system” and ends with a powerful quotable of “let your ambitions carry you.”
New and old listeners of Travi$ Scott can expect to hear his notable sound of croons of singing with auto tune paired with the likes of his hardcore, passionate raps detailing the struggles of his come-up, up’s and down’s of the relationship with his mother, and the crazy lifestyle that comes with being in the industry.
Although the cohesive body of work is finely polished and produced, I was left wanting more after the first listen. Rodeo failed to meet my extremely high expectations stemmed fromScott’s previous mixtapes “Days Before Rodeo” and “Owl Pharoah.” Rodeo lacks a high-level of lyricism listeners can draw meaning from, but proves to be an album perfect for vibing out and turning up too. Despite Scott’s lack of lyricism, Rodeois equipped with an elite line-up of guest features from Young Thug, Kanye West,Future, T.I,. and The Weeknd that help to define Travi$ Scott as an artist.
Rodeo is a definitive album aimed at the ragers and rebels, misguided and misunderstood, lonely and lost: drug users, stoners, and creatives. This new release proves that he is here to shake up the game with a new sound. The album is titled Rodeowith good reasoning, Travi$ Scott is here to take listeners on his show or as he says “the nightshow” of dreams, drugs, and nightmares.
Most favorite tracks:
“I Can Tell”
“Maria, I’m Drunk” ft. Justin Bieber + Young Thug
“Apple Pie”
 “3500” ft. Future + 2 Chainz
Least favorite tracks:
“90210”  ft. Kacy Hill
“Piss On Your Grave” ft. Kanye West
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