STYLIST SHOWDOWN: The Pros and Cons of Dorm Room Beauticians v. Professional Stylists


During college, many compromises are made; from sticking to your college meal plan to splurging on a girl’s night at a dimly lit chain restaurant. But one thing that many will not compromise on is their hair. Some choose to go to a local, credible salon while others trust students with experience. Which one is the best of the two? Let’s discuss!


Depending on the desired style, professional stylists can charge greatly. With the national average of a haircut being $44 for women this will soon begin to break any college student’s bank account. Other expensive and highly requested styles such as presses, blow outs, box braids, and even sew ins can range from $60-$400. On the other hand, dorm room beauticians are a bit more generous when it comes to prices. A simple hairstyle ranges from $15-$30 while more intricate styles are usually $50-$200.


One of the requirements in order to become a professional stylist is to obtain a license. Throughout a stylist's career, they might earn certificates as well. This authenticates their ability to perform the best service possible. Dorm room beauticians may or may not have a license. High schools across the U.S. have cosmetology classes where students have the ability to receive their license once they graduate, giving them credibility as well as experience.


For students who do not have transportation readily accessible, getting to the salon can be quite the task. The cost of an Uber or Lyft on top of the price for the hair service can add up. Dorm room beauticians are already on campus, therefore eliminating the need for transportation costs.

Personally, I have trusted a local salon while at college. With it being my second year and getting to know more people on campus, I’ve found plenty of students with a cosmetology license willing to provide hair services. I’ll definitely be giving them a call when I need my braids redone! For all those college students out there, which option is the best? Comment below!

Jasmine Morton is a sophomore biology pre-med major attending Hampton University. Her favorite color is purple, explaining her vibrant personality. Considering the fact that she is a science major, any topics in regards to human and environmental health is what she likes to write about most. Her hobbies include playing the saxophone and hiking with her friends in the local national parks. Some female journalists that inspire her are Margaret Fuller and Nellie Bly because of the lengths they went through to seek out the truth and inform the public. Her career goal is to become a pediatrician, promoting healthy living habits to her patients and their families.