Stylish Singer BRIELLE Talks Crowns AND Dolce & Gabbana

Recently, we caught up with the budding pop artist BRIELLE to talk style. The singer wears many hats (or crowns) as a performer, writer, aspiring designer, and former FIT student. BRIELLE shared some of her favorite bits about fashion with us and we got the behind the scenes details on her personal style!
Every major artist has a specific look or unique style that they're known for. How would you explain your personal style?
B: My style is a little mix of everything. What I wear changes with what I'm feeling, so I don't stick to one style. But the common denominator between everything I wear is that each piece I own is something that won't go out of style.  
How closely do you work with wardrobe stylists when it comes to video shoots? Do you have much input?
B: I have been working with Kelsey Wing and Annette Navarro a lot with styling on shoots and they are absolutely amazing. Most outfits that they put together for me I am in love with because they know me so well, but I definitely have my own ideas about what I should wear and what we all put together as well.
In the "Catch A Star For You" video, you wore a really cute crown headpiece (we love)! Do you have a favorite article of clothing or an accessory that you absolutely fell in love with while shooting that video? (see below for the official video)
B: Ahh thank you! I love every outfit from that video!! I'm obsessed with the leather and tiger print jacket with the square gold metallic things sewn all over it. The dress I wear in the forest with the lace and flower patterned bodice is ridiculous too.
How does your personal style differ from your music videos to when you're performing?
B: My style in my music videos is pretty much the same for when I perform. My everyday style is a little more toned-down and relaxed, but I love dressing up every day and you will hardly ever find me in flats.
What do you think is the most important factor of personal style? And what advice do you have for your fans and other young women who are trying to establish their own personal style?
B: Your style should reflect your personality and bring out the quirks and uniqueness that makes you, you! If you're not sure exactly what your style is, just try a bunch of different things until you put something on that makes you feel like you could conquer the world. What you wear should make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready for anything. When something makes you feel that way, you know that you have found your style.
If you had to pick one item to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be (choose wisely) lol?
B: I would probably pick... wow this is hard - haha. I'm thinking I would wear a black jumpsuit, like one of Rachel Zoe's, because jumpsuits work really well on me, they are timeless, super comfy, and I can style it a ton of different ways.
If you could pick one look from any designer's SS15 collection what look would you pick and why? (Please attach photo if possible)
B: Wow it actually physically hurts me to have to pick one - lol. I have recently fallen in love with everything Delpozo, but Dolce and Gabbana is a classic for me and exemplifies my own style very well. Oh! But so does Alexander McQueen, although only the pre ss15 is out now. This is near impossible - haha.I choose this jacket and shorts ensemble with these ridiculous shoes. I mean, they open up like a locket!! Oh, and I would have a man with me wearing this suit:) (see gallery for Brielle’s D&G picks).
We noticed that you not only have an eye for fashion, but a bit of a background in sketching and fashion illustration. Have you ever considered designing or do you have the desire to do so in the future?
B: Yes!! I actually have attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design for one semester and eventually plan on becoming a fashion designeras well. I have put school on hold for now to focus solely on music, but I definitely want to finish school at some point.
Here at Teen Diaries we believe that although the fashion industry has a reputation of being quite serious, we should never forget the fun part of fashion. Do you agree and what about fashion interests you most?
B: I totally agree! I think that no matter what you do in life, you have to have fun. I don't see the point in doing anything if you don't have any fun along the way. I am a writer and a storyteller, so naturally the story that a collection conveys is what draws me into fashion. I wrote an article for Fashion United titled "Here's To Looking Back" about the story that the fw14 Dolce and Gabbana collection tells, or rather shows, about the Italian Romantic Era. I feel that life is about experiences and relationships, and stories are the culmination of both.
Keep an eye out for this multi-talented artist. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing more from her. In the meantime, check out her singles, “Avalanche” and “Catch A Star for You” (both available on iTunes).

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