STYLE STALKER | Mademoiselle KDia


We all have a person who has a style we admire and look to for inspiration. With the slew of style bloggers on the net these days, it's hard to just choose one, unless they have that it factor that makes them stick out from the rest. Kristen Gipson of has just that. Most of you may know her as KDia, the model in the American Apparel ads or as the style savvy music exec Don C’s leading lady, either way you can’t deny the fact that she has caught your eye.

When it comes to her style, I would say KDia is a connoisseur who takes luxury items and adds a sense of simplicity and tailoring as she effortlessly combines each piece. Needless to say, she is a favorite of many including myself. She has a closet to die for, literally! Since I discovered KDia, I’ve always wondered what her creative process consisted of while getting dressed. Does it come naturally? Or does it come to her as bursts of inspiration? Well, I no longer have these questions as I found out for myself what she is all about and then some. Meet KDia.

When would you say you first fell in love with fashion?
KDia: When I was a little girl, I used to play dress up a lot.

Vintage or new, and why?
KDia: Right now, new is better for me. I've been collecting vintage for years. BUT I still love vintage jewelry, it always has a story to it.

Style or fashion, and why?
KDia: Style, always. Style is something unique to you, fashion is something that you buy.

How does it feel to have people consider you as a style icon?
KDia: Very humbling and unbelievable to be honest, it makes me feel really good to have young women/girls look up to me in that way.

You inspire. So, who and what inspires you?
KDia: Art, travel & my son inspires me the most.

Being a model is a dream of many. What has that journey been like for you?
KDia: It's been pretty easy for me, everything just seemed to fall in place. I'm going to try and take it to the next level and really get my face out there soon.

Take us step by step through a day of a photo shoot.
KDia: It's really not as exciting as you would think. Usually it's an early call time, hair and makeup, then you shoot for a couple hours with a few wardrobe changes in between.

Music is universal language, how does music speak to you. Who are some of your favorite artists?
KDia: Lana Del Rey is my favorite right now, I'm obsessed.

Who are your favorite designers? Why?
KDia: Azzedine Alaia, Olivier Rousteing, Phoebe Philo, Karl Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant, Riccardo Tisci - the usual suspects! Every designer is different, I love Alaia for his shoes, Olivier for the statement pieces, Phoebe for re-vamping a whole brand and making it the hottest thing on earth. Karl for the classics, Isabel for the new, trendy designs and Riccardo for my hood looks :)

What would you say is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
KDia: Too hard to choose! My favorite NEW piece are my Celine leather basketball shorts!

What is some advice that you’d give a young lady looking to find her personal style?
KDia: I would say just be true to yourself, wear what you want to wear & don't follow the crowd!

What was your life like growing up as a teen? – What’s one of your greatest memories from your teenage years?
KDia: I didn't have many friends growing up so I focused on my school work and my horseback riding.

What is one thing that you know now that you wish you knew when you were 15?
KDia: That no matter the situation, life goes on.

Even though he is young, does your son love fashion just as much as you?
KDia: He does! He picks out his own clothes and shoes. Sometimes I have to tell him no because it doesn't match well. I've taught him how to piece things together and how to match colors in his shirt with colors in his shoes. He's catching on really well.

There you have it. I'd never think she'd be so . . . simple and humble. Only because she seems like such a fancy soul, but she is modest and that just makes me admire her even more. Which, I didn't think was possible - just so you know. This is why you can't judge someone just by their exterior, you absolutely have to get to know them. You will find out many special things you never knew and I sure did and I know you did too.

Maricia Josephs is a Libra from the wonderful and gritty but beautiful New York City. She currently resides in Atlanta, where she is a student by day and a budding journalist by night (or day, depending on her deadline *wink*). The Georgia State University student loves fashion but is obsessed with style. She believes it’s not all about brands but what you do with them that makes you stand out. She is extremely passionate about all that she dedicates her time to, especially writing. Teen Diaries is one of her homes away from home.