STYLE CRUSH: Borrowed From The Boys

Style is a universal language. For bona fide fashion lovers, a person’s style speaks to them before they say a word. This connection can result in what we'd like to call a style crush. You know that head over heels feeling you get when you see the outfit of the day on your favorite stylista? Yeah? Well, that's precisely what we're speaking of!

American Apparel model, college student and full time stunna' Alyssa Neilson is the first damsel of many in our monthly style crush series. The Texas native's style takes the term 'borrowed from the boys' and turns it up a notch. With her mixture of men’s street wear, killer kicks and chic women's wear elements, you can't help but swoon. In love yet? Yes? No? Either way, read on to get the scoop on the 20-year-old.

Earliest fashion memory:
I've loved fashion ever since I can remember, honestly. I've always loved keeping up with seasons and runway models. I used to subscribe to Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, W, and In Style when I was about 12 or 13. Then I became a fashion model in early high school through being scouted, so I got more exposed to stylists and high fashion labels. I've loved it ever since.

Go-to fall outfit combination:
This fall I'd have to say sweaters, cardigans and crewnecks. I can't get enough of them and they look amazing when you layer them. I also love wearing black, which is so much easier to do in the fall than it is in the summer. So I'll definitely be bringing out my black blazer jackets!
Of course you're our style crush, but we're dying to know who is yours?I've never looked at anyone famous or anything and wanted to alter my style to match theirs but I'd have to say Kristen Gipson. We rock a lot of similar stuff and the same streetwear brands, plus she started her career in fashion as an American Apparel model like me! Then I'd have to say Va$htie, because she's always been effortlessly dope and creative to me.
What are some ways you manage to borrow your style from the boys but still look feminine?
The key to rocking boys attire while still looking feminine: I'd have to say is the way I mix labels. I like men's street wear brands like Bape, Pyrex Vision, Billionaire Boys Club, APC, Stüssy, Hood by Air, Supreme and I love sneakers. But, I like to mix those brands with high fashion brands such as Celine, Hermes, Raf Simons, Balmain, Margiela and Ferragamo. It gives my outfits more of a high fashion and classy look.

If you could raid anyone's closet (dead or alive) who's closet would it be? Why?
Most definitely Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's. I love both of their styles. Kanye dresses so effortless but it's always been dope and refined to me. Kim's style lately has just been bold and I respect it. She wears lots of high fashion labels in a classy way and she's even got more into street wear lately!

As a college student, what's the fastest you've gotten dressed when late for class? What did you wear?
I really don't do much to get dressed, believe it or not! Like I said, I like comfort and I think fashion should always be effortless. So on a quick morning before a class (She takes about 5 minutes) I'd throw on Adidas originals sweatpants, my Jordan Cement 3's and the first T-shirt I can find.

What is your favorite thing about womenswear? What is your favorite thing about menswear?
My favorite thing about women's wear (which she does rock from time to time depending on the occasion) would probably be heels. I'm a tall girl, so for a while I would resent the idea of ever wearing them. But when need be, I love rocking my pointed-toe black Louboutins. They go with just about everything from dresses to pants. My favorite thing about menswear would have to be sneakers and lately I've loved wearing men's wingtips with pants and a blazer. If you can pull that off for a business casual look, it's definitely cute. If I want to be sporty though is men's athletic jerseys! My closet is full of them.

You were recently attending school in NY but you've moved back home to Texas. Name one store you love to shop at in each state.
In New York, definitely Supreme. Plus SoHo in general. There are so many great spots there to shop, plus just the people and vibe in general there will inspire your fashion sense. In Texas, Sole Purpose, it's a street wear boutique in my hometown, Houston. Plus, the Houston Galleria. It's the biggest and most high fashion mall in all of Texas.

What's one thing you’re anticipating for the new school year?
Since I'm moving to Austin for school, it would probably be just getting adapted to the city and the people there. Austin is home to some really big music festivals throughout the year, so lots of fashion influences from around the country come to town for those.

Fall staples:
Long-sleeved plaid shirts and destroyed jeans! They make for the perfect outfit with any pair of my sneakers and it's comfortable. I'm also doing lots of thrifting since I layer a lot when it gets cooler outside.

Keep up with Alyssa on her instagram @AlyssaNeilson or her personalized insta-hashtag, #alyssadresseslikeaboy!

Who is your style crush?

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