Spelman Team Captain Ashley Jean-Baptiste Dishes on the Meaning of Sisterhood

As you may or may not know, National Sisters Day is August 4th, but here at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT we aim to dedicate as many days as we can to honor our sisters. So we reached out to our very own Spelman Team Captain Ashley Jean-Baptiste to properly define sisterhood, and she did just that.


Majoring in economics, Ashley wants to impact the world as an entrepreneur and as a Team Captain. Even though this is only her second year involved with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, she thrives by pushing women to stay active and make a change. Continue reading to get a fellow Sweat Sister's perspective and understanding of the word “sister.” 


1. What is a sister to you? What makes a sisterhood?

A sister is a helper, motivator, and supporter. Consistent fundamentals like this create a sisterhood because you would never leave your sister behind. I believe that sisterhood is all about empowering each other and pushing each other to our limit. We all want to be great, so we should push others and ourselves to do so. 

2. How does PGS give you what you’re looking for in a sisterhood?

When looking for a true sisterhood bond, PGS already has that. Upon starting my chapter, I constantly felt the sisterly love amongst other chapters, members, and of course the founder, Aeshia! The annual PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest is where I really knew that this was the place for me, which is why I strongly encourage all women to attend. The love and enjoyment that I received at this event really solidified my personal views of this organization, and I’m sure it will strengthen other women’s as well. 

3. How do you connect with the PGS sisterhood? How do you truly make them feel like they are your sisters?

Sweat Shows are a great motive to connect with my current and prospective PGS sisters. Upon starting our actual Sweat Shows, we first begin with engaging activities so that everyone can be comfortable in the same setting. Establishing bonds, good communication and never leaving anyone behind is how I make my sisters feel like they are truly my sisters. 

4. How do you motivate your Sweat Sisters to live a healthy lifestyle?

From time to time, I’ll send motivating fitness tips and tricks, social media posts and even visuals of myself working out. Being creative has helped a lot. It generates more discussions, bonds, and suspicion for other creative exercises. This method really helped us this summer to stay motivated while attaining our fitness goals even though we were miles away. 

5. What are some of the best parts of having a team full of motivated and fun sisters? 

We make fitness fun! There is never a dull moment, and we continue to encourage each other every step of the way. This is very important to me because a fun, healthy environment attracts more motivated and fun sisters, expanding our community. 

6. For the women who want to be a part of a strong sisterhood, how would you make the PGS bond different than other organizations?

As you may know, Spelman College itself is an all-girls institution. We have already set a solid sisterhood foundation from the start of new student orientation freshman year. However, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is the only fitness organization on campus, and I believe that we experience a different type of sisterhood bond. Getting through workouts isn’t easy, but with determination and the support of our amazing team it makes working out almost a breeze.

7. This week or for the rest of this month, how do you suggest other PGS teams connect and cherish their sisters? What can you do better to build the PGS sisterhood? 

I challenge all the PGS teams to create an event or a challenge that signifies National Sisters Day. This will allow the chapters to come up with creative ideas on how to connect more with your Sweat Sisters, while also cherishing those moments. I believe that more bonding events that require you to partner up with someone you haven’t met before will build the PGS sisterhood. This automatically opens more space and opportunities for networking, and more skills you probably didn’t know you ever had!

8. Why do you think National Sisters Day should be celebrated? Do you think it deserves more than a day?

National Sisters Day should be celebrated because it highlights the many things we appreciate in each other. We dedicate time to reconnecting, cherishing bonds, and creating more friendships! We need to celebrate and encourage our sisters throughout the year because relationships are so important in our lives!

Want to give your perspective on what a sister is? Comment below and let us know what you think!

SOUL REPORTER | Shelby Wingate is a rising senior at Whitefield Academy in Mableton, Georgia. The extremely competitive athlete plays basketball and runs track for her school. While she does love sports, Shelby uses her competitive nature to excel in academics and will apply that same drive when she attends college to major in Journalism or Communications and minor in French.