SPEED DIARIES | 60 Seconds with Angelique Sabrina

Clock is ticking... In 60 seconds, our goal is to get to know as many fun facts about pop star Angelique Sabrina. At only 14 years of age her song “Pull Up” is bound to be the next big dance craze, but who is the Bahamian born beauty when the music stops? Peep how much we discovered before the buzzer…

TEEN DIARIES: After this interview you will___
Angelique Sabrina:
Go in the studio.

TEEN DIARIES: Name a type of dog.
Angelique Sabrina: A Labrador.

TEEN DIARIES: Before this interview you were _____
Angelique Sabrina: In the studio.

TEEN DIARIES: What genre of music is your favorite?
Angelique Sabrina: Dance.

TEEN DIARIES: What is something you can’t live without?
Angelique Sabrina: A dog.

TEEN DIARIES: What is the color of your nails?
Angelique Sabrina: Blue and Yellow.

TEEN DIARIES: Name a Safari animal___
Angelique Sabrina: A Giraffe.

TEEN DIARIES: Name one asset a boy has to have to get your attention___
Angelique Sabrina: Personality; a good one.

TEEN DIARIES: If you were a super hero who would it be?
Angelique Sabrina: Oh, Batman!

TEEN DIARIES: Describe the shoes that you have on.
Angelique Sabrina: Kicks.

TEEN DIARIES: What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Gym?”
Angelique Sabrina: Work-out.

TEEN DIARIES: Describe the shirt that you have on.
Angelique Sabrina: Cheetah!

To stay in the loop on what’s going on in Angelique Sabrina’s world, be sure to follow her on twitter @angeliquesab. Also, check out her debut video for her song "Pull Up" HERE.

INTERN | Ashley-Cree (@Cree.ation) is a student studying Public Relations and Mass Communications at Florida International University. The avid music lover, who has interviewed several celebrated artists and YouTube sensations, has covered some of the most mind-blowing concerts to date. When she is not keeping up with her favorite celebrity icons Brandy, Rihanna, Beyoncé, J Cole and the lovey Oprah Winfrey, she is the go-to hairstylist on her campus and plays Mas in Miami Carnival annually. She is strong-minded, dedicated, and determined to one day own a PR firm and radio station.