Savor + Sip + Sweat Party Hosted by Singer Marissa

BEAUTY is created with your attitude, your behaviors, and your actions. On Sunday, January 29th, 50 girls gathered for a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Savor + Sip + Sweat Party hosted by singer Marissa at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Guests spanning from elementary students to college graduates united at Dahlberg Hall for the empowering event, which enabled female executives to mentor through fitness, career, and health education. Each adult attendee unlocked a free registration for a student to participate. What a fun way to GET FIT + GIVE BACK!

Guest not only came to get motivated but took the time to motivate others to be healthy and confident by contributing inspiring words to a Words of Wisdom Wall. Each message was crafted carefully for someone who may see it at a future fitness party (aka Sweat Show).

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT founder, Aeshia DeVore Branch, welcomed new members to the Sweat Sisterhood with some history about the PGS program and the impact it has made on over 20,000 girls nationwide.

To get to know one another, girls participated in a heart pumping, laughter-inducing race called "say my name" that requires individual teams to line up in height order. The person at the back of the line has to run to the front of the line and say their name in order for their teammate to race up to the front of the line next, and so on. Whichever team reaches the finish line first, wins.

The person from the winning team who is able to recite all of the names in her group scored a pair of adidas Pure Boost X sneakers! Congrats Brittany Washington!

Next, sweat sisters held hands to recite the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT pledge, which encourages girls to love themselves, be respectful to others, and to surround themselves with positive people.

Fitness was made fun with a music-filled POUND drumstick cardio class led by Get Pulsed founder Alana Sanders. Girls rocked out to the tunes of Beyonce, Usher, Fresh Prince, Shelia E, and DMX while unknowingly completing up to 600 squats during the workout.

A table etiquette and nutrition workshop followed the workout. LifeTime fitness instructor Tina Strawn educated guests about the proper way to set a table and the dos and don'ts of table manners.

Following the lesson, guests enjoyed a beautiful brunch filled with wholesome and delicious dishes prepared by LifeCafe's Dorian Wallace.

Guests stayed hydrated with Aquafina and PACT infused beverages during brunch. 

The festivities ended with a Q&A panel with Marissa where she shared tips about the music business and revealed her strategy for maintaining a 4.0 GPA in college.

Sweat sisters competed for prizes by answering health-related trivia questions and every guest was gifted a Taliah Waajid beauty bag filled with natural hair products. Congrats to Shaunika Hajdas for winning a jump rope race which helped her score a pair of adidas Pure Boost X sneakers too!

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Special Thanks to our Event Sponsors and Volunteers:
Georgia State University
Pretty Girls Sweat GSU

Taliah Waajid
Al Branch
Ameerah DeChabert
Denae Suknanan
Dorian Wallace
Erin Hajj
Kaedi Bowers
Juanetta Martin
Maiya Newton
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Tina Strawn

Raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia by her Chicagoan mother and military brat father, Marissa attended Georgia State University to study Biology. But before long, the student with a 4.0 GPA began drawing fans in on YouTube and Instagram with her crystal clear vocals and captivating energy. Her playful covers, recorded as no more than a hobby, soon drew the attention of manager J.R. McKee of Family Ties Entertainment. Soon after joining Family Ties, Marissa recorded a cover of her new labelmate K Camp’s hit single “Blessing,” which, to date, has garnered 4.5 million streams on Soundcloud and over 2 million plays on Youtube. With a handful of live performances under her belt, and an impressive combined 7 million SoundCloud streams - Marissa is poised to become the first genre-bending, game-changing songbird of her generation. She’s merged the vocal range of Mariah and Whitney, the beautiful, girl-next-door appeal of Beyonce, the edgy, feminist rebellion of Rihanna and the “A-Town” essence of Ciara into her own still-evolving sound.

Licensed/certified instructor, Alana Sanders, is the founder/creator of Get Pulsed™, a cardio program that tones the body utilizing weights to coincide with moves/routines that are safe while dancing. Alana has been trained in the arts of ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop dance and fills her classes with 65 to 300 students on a daily basis. She has been featured on many major networks and Expos as the headline fitness instructor to bring a different element to various events. LEARN MORE

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photos + videos by: Kayla Madonna

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