RunningNerds Founder Tes Sobomehin Marshall Chimes in about her Race to Victory!


Founder, owner, and race director of runningnerds, LLC, Tes Sobomehin stopped by episode 24 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show to spill the deets about her early introduction to sports and fitness, how she began cultivating her brand, and what runningnerds is all about!

Gary, Indiana native and University of Virginia graduate Tes Sobomehin began her fitness journey early, participating in numerous sports throughout her childhood and teenage years. In college, Tes went on to become an Education major and graduated at the age of 22 with both her bachelor's and master's degree. After a few years of teaching health and fitness, coaching athletic teams, and coordinating sports events for children, Tes went on to build her brand, runningnerds! The brand has produced and directed hundreds of running events and drawn out crowds of up to 2,000 participants. To hear more about Tes Sobomehin's hurdle to success, listen below!  

You can connect with Tes on instagram at @runningnerds, @therace_uc, and @runsocialatlanta; and visit her sites and for upcoming events!



Keep reading for a few highlights from the podcast!

On her biggest risk:

"Deciding that I wanted to start a running group and becoming a race director. Honestly, there was no defined career path for it. I had taken up running personally and I was out at races every weekend, making new friends, and seeing how cool the running community was. One day, I just said, "You know what, I think I want to put on a race!"

On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her:

"To me, it means that it's okay to sweat, and your beauty and health can coexist!"  

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