Road to Stardom: Marc E Bassy Reveals What it is like to Make it Big in the Music Industry


Singer-Songwriter, Marc E Bassy recently kicked off his Groovy People tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Many fans lined up outside, anticipating when the doors would open to see their favorite singer live. Before the concert, we caught up with Bassy to get the inside scoop on the artist’s road to success.

Where did the name, “E Bassy” come from?

My producer's name is Count Bassy. He named himself after the jazz musician, Count Basie. He was working a normal nine to five when I told him to come to LA with me to pursue music. He wouldn’t do it so I told him that I was going to steal his name and get it poppin' without him. Eventually, he moved down and became part of the team. The "E" is for my middle name.

Did you take any classes while in school that contributed to your love for music?

I wasn’t a good student, but in seventh grade, I had this teacher named Ms. Juarez, who taught English. Every Friday, we would have a poetry slam. I was like this bad kid, but I would win all of the poetry slam contests since I liked to rap, write, and put little verses and words together. So I attribute her to guiding me to become an artist.

Did your parents support your decision to become a musician?

My mom has always been super supportive of me. I was so young, so I think she saw it as if you want to do something that’s really outside of the box, you should do it now.

A lot of your music comes from events that you have experienced in your life, how do you stay inspired and motivated to keep writing?

I try to just walk a lot and listen to a lot of music just to try to stay open. I don’t really seek out inspiration. I think you just have to be an open person and let it find you. It’s all right there. I keep my ears open and when it comes to me, I write it down.

In past interviews, you have cited Tupac as one of your musical influences. If he was alive today, which one of your songs would be perfect for a collaboration with the artist?

I have a song called "Good Money" on the "East Hollywood" EP. I think he would like that song. We went to the same high school. I feel like everywhere he went, it was his home.

As a touring musician, it is important for you to have the stamina to perform your best on stage.Which workouts get you stage ready?

I have a little fifteen-minute workout and cool down vocal regimen. I also run at least three miles every day. I was an athlete, so I don’t ever eat fast food.

What is your favorite workout routine?

Honestly, I love to just lift weights - that’s just a really satisfying feeling. I did CrossFit for a couple months and ripped up my rotator cuff. The whole squad is into fitness.

What are some of your favorite foods to eat when being healthy?

If I’m like in a real healthy phase, I’ll try to eat like hard-boiled eggs and greens. When I am not being healthy, breakfast would be my cheat meal.


What are some characteristics you look for in a potential girlfriend?

I look for someone who has really good taste, that’s probably the most important thing to me. I think you also look for certain qualities in your significant other, maybe, that your mom or dad has. My mom is like everything to me. She’s a really powerful, strong woman.  Therefore, I have to date a girl who’s really strong.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Basketball was my life before music. I wasn’t a star or anything, but I played with guys from the NBA. In fact, I played in a tournament with LeBron James.

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a teenager that you know now?

I thought about this today. One thing that I wish I would’ve known all along is that if you have like an issue, with your girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher, whatever you’re thinking in your head is not what everybody’s thinking about you. They’re not worried about you, so why would you care  about what they think anyway. You have to really dig deep to figure out what you like. My uncle once told me that it is hard work finding yourself. You have to work hard for your opinion to carry any weight.

What’s up next for you?

In the next year, I am focused on putting out more music and going to Europe. I just want to keep peeling back the layers of what I could do artistically. I think right now, people can just see the surface. They don’t fully know what I’m about yet. There’s no stage that’s too big for me to sing on. 

Tickets for the Bassy's, Groovy People Tour are still available. Don't miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artist. 


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