REAL TALK: It's Time to "OCCUPY MCDONALD'S" by Moiba Mustapha


They say, "if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything." All around the world people are standing up for what they believe in. I sense the need to now join a cause myself. I’m asking you to join me, if you will. I know we’re in a recession and times are hard for everyone, but enough is enough.

I DEMAND more ketchup!

When I go to a fast food restaurant and order, I’m expecting that they’ll be able to supply my needs (food wise). 2 packs (not Tupac... keep up) or packets of ketchup will not cover my burger and fries properly. It’s like asking a big person to try on some skinny jeans. It’s just not gonna work. You’re gonna need more fabric (I don’t make this stuff up people).

There was a time when you’d ask for... more ketchup and the person would reach under the register and come up with a fistful of packets and put it in your bag. Now they're counting the packets as if there is a shortage of ketchup.

It’s time to take a stand.

We need to swarm the restaurants. Sleep in the parking lots. Bring tents, food, toilet paper, iPods, board games, iPhones. you know… The important stuff. If we don’t stop this now, then what’s next? One napkin? No more refills? One toy per child in a happy meal (I think it’s like that already)? This is bigger than just ketchup. This could spill over to just one of everything.

Can you imagine a world of just one?

Rick Ross would only get one “UGMF” on a song. J Lo could only get one marriage. Diddy could only let go of one artist. Drake could only sing on one song and not the whole album -- NOOOOOO!!!

So to all those who are tired of dry burgers and fries and don’t want the world to limit us all to just one, let us unite and Occupy McDonalds!!!

Or maybe just stop going to McDonalds period... just

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