REAL TALK: Do Periods Affect Performance? Heather Watson Speaks Up!

“It’s just one of them days when I want to be all alone.” We have all been there, those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed or even moving for that matter, because our special “friend” has decided to make her usual monthly visit. Sucks, but we all have to go through it.
Recently, Britain's top female tennis player, Heather Watson, crashed out of the Australian Open and later broke her silence saying that her poor performance was because she had her period and felt like crap.

This is a serious factor that affects all women, but it’s hardly ever spoken of in sports and definitely never cited in an athlete’s post game interview. Following Heather’s loss in the first round of the Australian Open two other female tennis players, Annabel Croft and Tara Moore, praised Watson for being honest, because they too as athletes have had similar experiences. Following Watson’s initial statement, Moore shared with BBC, “It was one of those things that was all hushed up. I remember being on court feeling dizzy, disorientated, tearful, then coming off court, going into the locker room, and finding my period had started – and realizing, ah, that’s why I was all over the place.”

Discussing menstruation has been said to be the last taboo in women's sports. No one wants to talk about it and those who experience it try to suppress it, especially in a public setting. Nonetheless, it’s a part of life and though not everyone has the same symptoms (cramps, dizziness, fever, body aches etc.) why the silence when it comes to a fact of nature that affects most female athletes, and in Watson's case was serious enough to influence the outcome of her match?
What are your thoughts?
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