REAL TALK: Do Men Put Women in Categories? by Moiba Mustapha


Labels suck!!!! They suck because they put people in boxes that they usually can’t get out of. OJ Simpson will never be remembered for being a great football player or the ‘black guy’ in the "Naked Gun" films. He’ll be remembered for being accused of killing his ex-wife and getting off and then robbing some folks at gunpoint to get his old, dusty football gear back. No matter what he does, that ugly label is there. So what happens when men have different categories for women? 

9 times out of 10 men put labels on people and refuse to take them off. (Don’t you love it when a man gives away man secrets? haha.) I'm hooking you up with the 411 on three categories and criteria that dictate how men treat women. Thank me later!

The Main

Most men have a woman in their life that they call wifey or “their main”. That simply means when all hell breaks loose, or the wheels fall off, or life as we know it ends, that my “main” and I are gonna be together. This woman is down no matter what. Dirty draws and all!! (Hahaha... that’s funny).

The Jump Off

Let me pause for a moment to get my thoughts together… moment taken! JUMP OFF = FREAK!!!! There is a woman that will do any nasty thing your mind can conceive. You don’t want to kiss her, because... well just because. This woman knows every trick in the book and she will never be given any respect because she lost it when she decided to put one leg behind her head and then… sorry, I had a flashback!! You get my point.

The Friend

It’s hard to be friends with someone you’re attracted to, so bottom line... the friend is either one of two things:

1. Somebody you used to mess with and you’re just cool with now but wouldn’t mind wrestling naked on the ground with.
2. They are ugly (I mean "not your type") but they just understand where you’re coming from and they're cool people. Problem is they really like you too.

Now maybe you’ve been mislabeled. Maybe you’re really a Yara Shahidi with a Kylie Jenner label or a Chanel bag disguised as a luxury knockoff. How do you change your category you ask? Start by asking a guy, who puts you in his friend category, to give you honest feedback. Strive to be the best you, treat others well, REFRAIN from being a "The Jump Off" and the right guy will make an appearance when the time is right.

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