PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Founder Aeshia DeVore Branch Shares Her Quick and Easy Protein Smoothie Recipe


When it comes to having a demanding schedule, meals that take little to no time to whip up are the only option. PRETTY GIRL SWEAT Founder Aeshia DeVore Branch knows firsthand how to get in the kitchen and serve up healthy options in a flash. She recently shared one of her go-to protein smoothie recipes for when she wants something quick and easy for breakfast.

Watch Aeshia breakdown how she makes her simple smoothie BELOW!




1 Frozen Banana
2 Cups of Frozen Mixed Berries + Kale
1 Cup of Spinach
Uncle Matt's OJ
Almond Milk (Original)
1 Packet of Protein Milkshake

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What are your go-to ingredients for a smoothie? Do you love or hate protein powders? Let us know below!


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