PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Celebrates Ninth Anniversary with Digital Dance Party


For nine years, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT has been making fitness fun! Since we couldn’t celebrate our ninth anniversary with our sweat sisters in person this year, we decided to take the party online. On Saturday, September 19th, female guests joined us for a virtual dance fitness party sponsored by athleisure hair care brand SUNDAY II SUNDAY. Throughout the hour and a half long event, guests were able to sweat with purpose and have an opportunity to support childhood obesity prevention programs while connecting with like minds.

When attendees first signed on, they received a warm welcome from PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s founder Aeshia DeVore Branch. Branch then kicked off the networking portion of the event, which gave guests the chance to mingle with women across the country digitally. We challenged them to meet with two sweat sisters and report back on who they met for the opportunity to snag some cool prizes from PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT and SUNDAY II SUNDAY. 



Branch then took to the screen to introduce the event’s special keynote speaker, City of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

During her uplifting address, Bottoms reminded us all of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “As you find time to balance all of the things that lie before you, make sure that you keep your health a priority. This year it is more important than ever and we know that pretty girls do sweat,” said Bottoms.


Following the mayor’s motivational speech, personal trainer and Zumba instructor Amber Gardenhire joined the event to take the SWEAT MAKES CENTS Challenge and lead her signature “Zumba with Amber” workout.


For 40 minutes, she led the group through high-energy dance routines that left everyone dripping in sweat.



After burning quite a few calories, guests were able to listen in on the “Hair and Health Panel” with SUNDAY II SUNDAY. The panel featured SUNDAY II SUNDAY’s Brand Manager Mckenzie Renae, SUNDAY II SUNDAY’s Head of R & D Dr. Jen Alexander, and mental and physical transformer Qui2Health. The inspiring group of women hopped on the screen to discuss how important it is for women to not compromise their health for beauty.

The trio of women touched on everything from their hair care journeys to the importance of caring for your scalp. When asked about the impact of sweat on the scalp, Dr. Alexander said, “When you have sweat, it disrupts the sebum barrier that you have on your scalp, so that leads to dryness, irritation, and inflammation. There’s a number of things that can happen when you leave sweat on the scalp, so it’s best to remove it as soon as possible.”

Brand Manager Mckenzie Renae followed up by saying that she loves SUNDAY II SUNDAY’s products because they prioritize scalp health. She also pointed out that their products are versatile, stating, “You can use them if you have braids, a sew-in, curly hair, or straight hair. There’s something for everyone.”



Once the panel wrapped, Aeshia came on one last time to close out the event and say goodbye to guests. One of the attendees, Rochelle Mayes said, "I am so glad I joined the event. It was so fun and very insightful. I won the prize at the end, wow!"

A huge thank you to SUNDAY II SUNDAY for sponsoring the #PGSTURNS9 Virtual Dance Party. Thank you to all of the attendees, speakers, and instructors who joined us and helped us fundraise for our nonprofit SWEAT MAKES CENTS. Want to be the first to know about events? Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our schedule.



SWEATLEBRITY REPORTER | Olivia Hancock is is currently a junior at Georgia State University. The 21-year-old has loved writing ever since she can remember and her passion for it has allowed her to hold the title of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Teen Reporter for five consecutive terms. In addition, Olivia has had the opportunity to work with Her Campus, Aeropostale and Nordstrom as an ambassador. Her writing has been published on xoNecole, 21 Ninety, Her Campus, One MusicFest, and The Life Currency. In the future, Olivia plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and pursue a professional career as a writer at a lifestyle publication.