C9 Champion Enthusiast Racerback Bra, $17
Under Armour Seamless Essential Sports Bra , $20
oakley.com, $28

Picking You Up When You’re Down: 3 Top Affordable Sports Bras You Must Try!


The title says all: when you need a pick-me-up--and by that, we don’t mean coffee or a smoothie--it’s critical to have a nice-fitting sports bra that ensured those lady lumps don’t run wild when you’re on the run yourself. Here are three affordable options worth trying:
C9 Champion Enthusiast Racerback Bra
Wire-free and breathable, this racerback bra works well for running. The C9 Champion bra is most flattering and comfortable for ladies with A-B cups but comes in XS-XXL sizes. Best part? It’s only $17--no need to break the bank on Victoria Secret bras.
Under Armour Seamless Essential Sports Bra
At approximately $20, this Under Armour bra is ideal for low impact activities like yoga or walking that make you feel light and comfortable all day while keeping your chest tight.
Oakley Continuity
Though pricier than the previous two, the Oakley Continuity is known to feel like you’re wearing nothing, as a cyclist noted. Available in 11 bright colors, you can find this $28 bra at oakley.com
At over half the price cheaper than your favorite bedazzled Victoria Secret bra, these three brands are sure to keep you feeling supported and relaxed throughout your entire workout. And hey, use those extra dollars you saved for a cheat day meal!

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