Tianna Etes

PGS Ambassador Tianna Etes Helps Howard University Students Lose 250lbs


Howard University is one of my top college choices to further my education. As I was planning my trip to DC for Accepted Students Day, I wanted to stay on campus to get a feel for the school and its environment. I needed a host to stay with and Tianna Etes was quick to welcome me with open arms. Tianna is a Pretty Girls Sweat Ambassador on Howard’s Campus. I was so excited to network with her and other #SweatSisters while on town. As a thank you for my stay, I had to take the opportunity to chat with her about her fitness journey.

Elon: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me and hosting my stay here at Howard! Ok, first question, What does your exercise routine look like?

Tianna: My workout routine consists of a lot of running because as a college student I can't afford the gyms in D.C. I do a lot of cardio. I do a lot of home workouts such as yoga. Anything I can do without breaking my bank! I workout every single day.

E: Yes I can understand that! If I come to Howard I will definitely participate in PGS events on campus to help me stay fit. Next question, what inspired you to start this fitness journey?

T: I was not always healthy. I watched my mom combat her weight. I admired that she always prepared a home cooked meal that was balanced. My mom promoted health and wellness so that we were healthy and fit.

With balancing different jobs and a heavy major in college, I chose food to provide comfort. I didn't have anyone in college to tell me what I needed to do. I gained weight and had difficulty getting up the Howard hill. When I wanted to buy a suit, I remembered feeling horrible and I would never let myself feel this way again. I committed to working out for 100 days and transitioned to becoming vegan because of Waka Flocka. He convinced me. I lost about 40lbs.

I learned about myself, how to eat better and what's really going on with my body. I wanted to know what actually happens in the food industry and what I consume. Now losing the weight is a bonus because before I was on the verge of health issues. I knew that I wanted to practice what I preach. I wanted to look like and give out an image that promotes fitness.

Then I joined PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, and became a PGS Ambassador. I was involved and realized I also wanted to do something on my own to give me an additional push. Then I started to do Tea Time in the morning and hosting workouts. Monday through Friday during the first semester. After that I said, "Ok Tianna, now what do you really want to do?" So then I launched the Biggest Loser Campus Challenge with 50 girls. It lasted for six weeks. As as a group, they lost 250 lbs and the overall winner lost 20lbs.

I keep fitness in my life. I plan my life around fitness and made it my lifestyle. 

E: Thank you for Sharing your Story with me! You are a true inspiration and I wish you the best of luck in continuing to be healthy and fit. Again, thank you for letting me stay with you and doing this interview with me!

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Elon Graves is a Teen Reporter with dreams of making an impact. The high school senior, who is also an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate, served as the Editor of her school newspaper and in the Superintendent’s Student Cabinet. Elon enjoys writing about the injustices of society, influences in music, and how culture shapes people. Most importantly, her love of the arts defines who she is. She not only loves to express herself through words, but as dancer she articulates herself through movement. In 2017, she plans to attend college with a major/minor in either Journalism or Dance. Her ultimate dream is to live in New York where she can delve further into her passions.