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One to Watch: Meet Ariana Stowe!


Sweatlebrity Alert: Meet Ariana Stowe! This 28-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina native is taking the fitness world by storm! Based in the D.C metro area, Ariana Stowe is a full time in-person and online personal trainer who seeks to teach career-driven women how to lose belly fat, build sexy curves, and become more confident. Ariana lives by the quote "everything that I need is within me", and aims to show her clients the same. Wanna know more about this fit beauty? Keep reading down below for an exclusive interview!


1. We found your IG profile through a #TransformationTuesday post. Your results were amazing! Tell us how your fitness journey began, and what initially motivated you to get started. 


My fitness journey began after I graduated from college in 2013. I played basketball for 12 years including college but quit my senior year to focus on my studies. During that year, I gained 40 lbs of excess weight reaching almost 200 lbs. I knew things had to change when I could no longer fit into my work clothes at home or at the stores I normally shopped at. I was so disappointed to see how far my body had gone in such a short amount of time. I was tired of hiding behind my clothes and behind the expectation that others had of my body and decided to do something about it. 


2. Starting out, people often find it difficult to stay on track with a diet and workout plan. How were you able to persevere and remain focused?


When I first stepped on the treadmill and couldn’t even walk a mile without being out of breath, I felt so embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I never wanted to feel that way again. My starting point became my motivation and perseverance. In terms of focus, it was so personal for me that I keep my blinders up. At the time, I didn’t do much sharing through social media so every day it was just me vs. me. I also was training to run a half marathon so I wanted to be sure I could start and finish that. There was a lot of pressure that I put on myself to be successful and my brain wouldn’t let me down. 


3. Tell us about what a typical workout is like for you.



A typical workout for me starts with a warmup stretch and a variety of weight training moves using light weights. Then I jump into the full workout for the day where I am training legs, arms, back, booty, or full body. I am currently in competition preparation so my workouts are given to me from my coach and I train with a group 2-3 times per week. 


4. We all have those days where we wake up and just aren’t feeling it. On these days, how do you encourage yourself to get up and get moving anyway?


In my business, I have to lead from the front. I am not perfect and I don’t always get it right,  but I remember what it was like when it was hard and felt impossible and overcoming that and being where I am now is my motivation. My clients and their progress keep me encouraged. My goals keep me encouraged. My ambition to help 1,000 women, keeps me encouraged. 


5. At what point did you realize that you reached your personal fitness goals?

Well, I am still working on my personal goals because when I reach them, I set new goals. But losing the excess 40 pounds and keeping it off for 5 years has felt really good. 


6. You’ve also created a very successful fitness brand, Ariana Stowe Fitness, where you train and assist others in meeting their fitness goals. How did your fitness journey transition from helping yourself to helping others?


After I lost 40 pounds in 2014, I hit a plateau and started gaining weight back. That’s when I invested in a coach and started using Beachbody home workout programs and then started teaching other women to lose weight doing the same thing. 


7. We’ve also noticed that you left your corporate job to fully immerse yourself into entrepreneurship. That’s amazing! Was this a difficult decision to make, and how did you adjust?


The day that I resigned from my job was the day I finally felt at peace. It was hard to make because I was working with kids and didn’t want to let them down, but I was letting myself down by not leaving something I was no longer passionate about doing. My last day was Dec. 31st and I spent it vacationing in Mexico, so I think I adjusted very well. After that, I had been working from home already for 2 and a half years so it was a smooth transition from one thing to the next. 


8. Where would you like to see Ariana Stowe Fitness in 10 years?


In 10 years, I see Ariana Stowe Fitness as a household brand internationally, not just for fitness, but also wellness through my retreats, coaching, and motivational speaking. I would also like to see other black female fitpreneurs taking some of the same risks that I did to grow a massive brand and following. There still are not enough black and brown women being recognized in this space. 


9. What advice do you have for anyone who may be beginning a fitness journey? What advice do you have for those who are interested in entrepreneurship? 


Fitness: Save your excuses and hire a coach/trainer to get you going and show you how to do things properly. Wait at least 8-12 weeks to see results and stay consistent.

Entrepreneurship: Start with something that your target marking is already spending money on and find a way to turn that into a business for you. Bonus points if it's your passion but it could also be something lucrative that funds your passion project. Hire a coach in your industry who can teach you how to scale and grow your business and make sure they have receipts!  



10. Any upcoming endeavors that you would like our readers to be on the lookout for? How can our readers stay in touch with you?


First, as a thank you for having me featured on this wonderful page, here is a link to my ebook on losing belly fat and building muscle –

Coming in 2020, I will be adding on wellness retreats for PTs and all of my clients that work with me 1:1 in my ConFITdence Blueprint Coaching Program so stay tuned for that. You can apply at I also sell fitness clothes from Brazil at You can keep up with me on FB and IG both @arianastowe 


11. And last but not least, what does the phrase PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to me that your beauty on the outside is a reflection of how good you feel on the inside so think about the person who you want to become each time you workout and make healthy choices for your life. 

Isn't she amazing! Let us know in the comments what you think of this interview, and be sure to keep up with Ariana on all social platforms!  


Olivia Marjorae is a rising junior at the illustrious Xavier University of Louisiana, studying Political Science with aspirations of becoming an Attorney. Olivia has a passion for journalism and creative writing, reading, and poetry. Olivia is a former member of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT CAU, and seeks to promote sisterhood and empowerment amongst other young women in all that she does.