Olympic Heptathlete and Bobsled Athlete Tiffeny Parker Gets Candid About Her Sports Career and Healthy Lifestyle


USA Track & Field Heptathlete Tiffeny Parker is a living testament to the power of sweat. Parker, who competed in a USA Olympic Trials competition in 2016, has been a champion for fitness since her early years. She says, “Sports have always been my outlet since before I could remember.” For Parker, consistently participating in physical activity during her developmental years was not only an opportunity to sharpen her skills but an excellent source of character development. The athlete shared that, “Sports is such a great dynamic of building character. The high amount of communication, respect, trust, and friendships good and bad that you have to face is something that will stay with you for life. There are times, especially moving into bobsled from an already established track and field career that I was down on myself for not being able to understand a certain movement that other people may have grasped before I did. It’s the team of people that believe in what you do that makes a difference.”

As a competitive athlete, Parker has also had to remain committed to a tough training regimen over the years to prepare her body for track and bobsledding contests and events. While training for the demands of running in the Olympics, she noted that what helped her was “visualization, keeping up with a training journal, and asking questions to LEARN how to be an elite heptathlete and not just follow instructions. If you are not a huge name in the 100 meter or 200 meter, you do not get support financially. So your coach does not travel with you because you can not afford for them to. You have to learn how to really grasp the concepts in your training so that you can figure out when things are wrong and adjust yourself.” Her current workout routine varies on any given day. On Monday, you may find her doing weightlifting, plyometric training, 100M hurdle training, Shot put, general strength, and medicine balls while on Friday you can catch her weightlifting, completing sprint work, and practicing long jumps. One thing that does remain consistent during all of her sweat sessions is that she takes 10-15 minutes to cool down and stretch at the end. For refueling after a workout in the gym, the bobsledder looks to food items from supplement brands Now Nutrition, GoMacro, and About Time.

In addition to her personal sports accomplishments, the fierce female runner has begun to help others achieve their fitness goals. She has been working as a Crossfit and sprint coach since 2015. When asked what the most rewarding part of coaching was she expressed, “Watching them win the games. Being able to call them with advice, truly call them friends, and seeing all the hard work and sacrifice they have put in is what brings me joy.” Recently, the sportswoman also released nutrition and fitness training guides on her website Offering these resources was important to Parker as she believes it is her responsibility to use her expertise and help people live better lives through health and fitness.

As she continues to grow in her career and expand her brand, the sports professional candidly spoke on the realities of being a professional athlete. “I think the most misconstrued part is people think that we make a lot of money but in reality, we all have working schedules to make our dreams come true. It is a hard balance, but when you want something so bad you are willing to do whatever it takes for you to be able to achieve it. Her goals for the future? To tour the world talking to kids about following their dreams, write remote coaching for nutrition and exercise programs, and complete her first bobsled season and transition into track and field.

Tiffeny Parker confidently owns the title of being a pretty girl who sweats. She proudly proclaimed, “Pretty girls can be ATHLETES! I like getting my nails done, lashes done, and I LOVE lifting heavy stuff in a weight room or doing a workout on the track that is totally taxing! I can be pretty and have grit like ALL girls are capable of being.” For girls looking to join sports teams or start regularly working out, Parker offers these words of advice, “Make a plan, even if its 30 days. Always know what you are doing before you get there! It's a lot harder to stick with something if you do not have a clear-cut plan. Find a support system, someone that will keep you on track and support your goals!”

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