Missy Elliott Battles Illness and Returns with "I'm Better" Music Video


Nearly a decade has passed since hip-hop legend Missy Elliott graced her fans with an album. Over the weekend, the ageless pop star dropped a new single and accompanying visual that left many excited but also wondering if her latest work means she's returning to the music scene.

Part of Missy's absence was due to her battle with Graves' disease, an autoimmune illness that affects the thyroid. In 2011, the Atlantic recording artist did an interview stating, "Well, I had gotten sick, that was one thing. A lot of people don't know that before the artist, I wanted to be a writer and producer. That's always been a love of mine. It's easy for me to do it on myself, but it's fun to create for someone else," said the now 45 year-old.  "I got caught up in doing records for other artists. I just stayed behind the scenes, and time just kind of passed. And then I had to deal with an illness that took up some time. Now it's time to concentrate on Missy."

Her new single, "I'm Better," is hypnotic and bouncy, but definitely relevant to the MC's niche in music. The Dave Meyers diected video was shot in Atlanta, GA (where the musician resides) and features futuristic fashion choices coupled with an underwater dystopian feel. The visual starts with Missy wearing a leather jacket with red feathers on her shoulders, which definitely resembles wings, and her high-tech lipstick, which is reminiscent of Pat McGrath's sold out Metalmorphosis shade that launched in November. In her underwater scene, Missy rocks '80s-inspired doorknocker earrings while making a political statement with her colorful bedazzled jacket that displays "Save the Humans" across the front. 

"Save the Humans," is relevant to not only solving the climate to protect our planet but also saving humanity. The statement can be applied to some of the executive orders the new POTUS has recently signed in the last week. 

Even when Missy Elliott takes some time off, her music is timeless, it's like she never left.  Check out "I'm Better" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

TEEN REPORTER | Ajea Nicole is a junior at Lasell College located in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, the 20 year-old loves every aspect of the journalistic world including topics related to fitness, fashion, style, social media and more. In her spare time she appreciates travel, blogging, discovering new food and reading great books.