Mint Condition Frontman Stokley Williams Spreads His Wings and Flies Solo


Stokley Williams, the voice of the legendary Minneapolis-based R&B group Mint Condition, has recently embarked on a solo career, releasing his new single “Level.” While this new development may be shocking to some, Stokley - who now only goes by his first name, is no stranger to venturing out on his own.

In addition to the 9 albums he has released with Mint Condition, which included hits such as “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “What Kind of Man,” and “Nothing Left to Say,” Stokley has been a member of other groups as well, such as Joto and French jazz band Ursus Minor. His list of collaborations as writer and/or producer is also wide ranging, including songs for Wale, Boney James, Jill Scott and Kelly Price.

For Stokley, to go solo was an “organic progression. I miss my brothers already, but we are all taking a moment to do other things to enrich other areas of our lives.” Stokley continues, “I feel proud of what Mint has accomplished thus far, including our first Grammy nomination this year for our most recent album ‘Healing Season.’ We are going into our hiatus on a high note.”

Stokley’s new album, entitled “Introducing: Stokley” has a wide range of sounds and styles all tied together with the ultimate in musicianship. He also brought along some friends! Guest appearances include some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Estelle, Omi, Robert Glasper and Wale.

In addition to his vocal prowess, Stokley is also well known for the high energy he brings to his live shows. As a solo artist, expect that to continue. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT caught up with him recently while he was rehearsing for his first set of shows to kick off his solo career. Check it out to get a sneak preview of the show and hear what he has to say about his new venture!

Check out the new video for “Level!”

His new album “Introducing Stokley” drops June 23rd, 2017. Until then, LISTEN to his new single! Available NOW on Amazon!

Twitter: @StokleyOfficial
Instagram: @StokleyOfficial

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