Meet this Unstoppable 25 year-old Singer: Lianne La Havas

If you've got a Twitter, a Tumblr, or... a plain ol’ internet connection, you've probably been wondering who's this big eyed, sun-kissed, curly-haired girl that seems to be popping up all around the world wide web. Well, I'm about to tell you: she's Lianne La Havas.
La Havas' real name is Lianne Charlotte Barnes, and she's a 25 year-old British, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Coming from a diverse background (Jamaican mother and Greek father) really impacted her musical abilities and taste, and it is known that her dad taught her how to play the piano and guitar. She studied at an art A-Level (which would be the British equivalent to the last two years of High School) but she left it unfinished to pursue her career in music.

After signing with Warner Bros. back in 2010, her opportunities went upwards leading her to support artists such as Alicia Keys and Alt-J as well as appear several times on BBC and perform with the legend Prince.
But... what's all the fuss about? Well, on May 12th, the video for her single from her sophomore album was released on her YouTube channel. Watch the music video for "Unstoppable" below, and get infected with its vibes. I guarantee you'll try to perform these moves in your room… I've been there too.

Now, for "Blood", her upcoming album, we all will have to sit and wait patiently until July 31st, but until then, you can catch La Havas perform live, as she's currently touring the UK and Europe. Are we witnessing the rising of a new, bright star? Time will tell!

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