Meet our Class of 2016 Teen Reporters!

The search is OVER!

After sorting through hundreds of applications and interviewing dozens of qualified candidates, we have strategically selected the best and brightest young writers for the 2015-2016 term of the TEEN DIARIES Teen Reporter Program. Meet the 10 glorious girls who made the cut!

TEEN REPORTER (fitness) | Ajea Nicole is a junior at Lasell College located in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, the 20 year-old loves every aspect of the journalistic world including topics related to fitness, fashion, style, social media and more. In her spare time she appreciates travel, blogging, discovering new food and reading great books.

TEEN REPORTER (Campus Life) | Ashlee Joseph may be a big apple girl, but her dreams are even bigger! The NY native currently attends Buffalo State College and is a double major in Journalism (concentration in Broadcast Journalism) and Theatre. Throughout her childhood she witnessed the misfortunes of being a Trinidadian immigrant with little education through her parents. Their strong emphasis on education and literacy led her to her first true love- writing. However, over the years her involvement in theater, fascination with media and nosey nature led her to Journalism. Ashlee got her start as a writer for her high school newspaper. This landed her an internship at 14 as a producer at BronxNet on their teen geared show called Open 2.0. She went on to write and direct public service announcements for 3 years at Teens P.A.C.T, co-hosted a YouTube show called The Scoop and wrote for VolunTEEN Nation. She has received numerous accolades for her hard work and dedication; her most recent award being from the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Incorporated. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and is active in the bettering of her community. Her ultimate goal in life is to be able to leave behind a legacy, both in her career and personal life, which will live on and inspire others for generations to come.

TEEN REPORTER (Beauty) | Bobbi Watts is a student studying journalism at the University of Missouri - Columbia. She is the proud daughter of Victor Watts and Sheila Williams and the youngest of 3 girls. Most of all, the 19-year-old  is passionate about all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle related and as a result, she launched her own blog, With a dream of someday taking over the magazine industry, the avid writer is eager to develop the tools and experience to defy all odds and work her way to the top. 

TEEN REPORTER (Celebs) | Clarissa Brooks is a sophomore at Spelman College who reports on topics that directly affect youth culture. The 19 year-old reporter enjoys reading feminist literature, writing about sex, politics and celeb gossip. She hopes to one day be the Editor In Chief of a music magazine and a respected figure in hip hop media developing dynamic content for her generation.

TEEN DIARIES (International Music) | Hannah Ndempaawai Fakir enjoys classical guitar as well as the latest Drake song. This might be a good description of her personality, because she can switch between being a total granny to being the most fashionable and up-to-date girl around. The 19 year-old from Spain has a Moroccan and Cameroonian heritage and claims to be an intersectional feminist who wants to help girls understand how to fight their oppression. Writing about different issues has become her main hobby, even though she never forgets to sing and play instruments every now and then. With a major in Political Science she hopes to make a difference in the world.

TEEN REPORTER (Music) | Jazmin Goodwin (also known by her perfectly fitting alias TheLyricalJAZ) is currently a sophomore at Howard University. Since her arrival, the broadcast journalism major has hit the ground running, juggling the life of a busy student by day and a budding journalist by night. Whether she's scribbling down poems in her prized possession notebook or video blogging about the things she loves, the multitasker can never keep her hands busy with just one thing. As a budding journalist, Jazmin aspires to share with the world all the things that not only make her special, but what makes those around her special as well. All in all, she hopes that in her lifetime she can use her passion for writing to influence and inspire others. Follow her on Twitter + Instagram: @TheLyricalJAZ.

TEEN REPORTER (Culture) | Kim Do is an avid blogger and world traveler, based in San Jose, California. The 17 year-old has a passion for both writing and conservation and is often found jotting thoughts in her notebook or volunteering at a local park.  Kim documents her fun, spontaneous adventures on her blog, where she details her journey towards crossing the 200 items off her bucket list as well as travel destinations.  In addition to writing, she enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and volunteering in the community.  She is excited to serve as the Culture Reporter for Teen Diaries and work with other female journalists across the nation!

 TEEN REPORTER (Hair) | Kristen Harris is a vibrant suburban girl with big city dreams. The 17 year-old has a strong sense of personal style and creativity, and loves experimenting with her style and hair. With a passion for justice and writing, she plans to use her skills to help further our society's efforts to become more tolerant and accepting. Catch up with her on Instagram and Twitter @blaccboldbeauty

TEEN REPORTER (Love) | Olivia Hancock is currently a junior in high school. When the 15-year old isn't busy studying for school, she can be found writing articles for her blog Thrifty Minor or sketching clothing designs. Olivia would describe herself as ambitious, compassionate, and creative. When she graduates from high school in 2017, she plans to attend college and major in journalism. As an aspiring journalist, her dream job would be to work for a fashion or entertainment magazine.

TEEN REPORTER (Style) | Sherah Ndjongo is a high school senior currently living in Southern California. She is deeply passionate about writing, and can be found contributing to United 4 Social Change as a weekly writer, managing the “Culture Column” in Homeschooling Teen Magazine, contributing to Her Culture as a staff member, and volunteering as a blogger for Nikela Wildlife. She also devotes her time serving as an online E-Teen Leader for Beyond Bullies, sewing dresses for charity, participating in the iMatter Youth Council, and taking part in the Eta Sigma Alpha national honor society. As an intern for Fashionomics Live and a member of the Nordstrom Fashion Ambassadors, Sherah hopes to gain valuable experience that will allow her to prepare for a future career in fashion journalism.

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