credit: James Jeter (instagram: @mansamusa87
credit: Mid Maryland Photography (@midmarylandphotography)
credit: Mid Maryland Photography (@midmarylandphotography)

Meet Jeanette Curtis: January 2017’s Photo Contest Winner


PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s January photo contest winner, Jeanette Curtis, is a financial regulation attorney by day and a Wellness Coach and Blogger by night at The 31 year-old certified personal trainer helps busy, female attorneys and professionals live healthier while balancing their hectic schedules. After being a student athlete for over a decade, the collegiate sprint-hurdler had trouble balancing work and a healthy lifestyle, which resulted in her gaining 20 pounds and developing high blood pressure. Since starting her fitness consulting company, the Silver Spring, MD native has not only got her health "back on track" (pun intended), but she has empowered women to improve their nutritional, physical fitness and mindfulness habits one step at a time. She undoubtedly embodies the true essence of our mission here at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT! Luckily for us, we were able to catch up with Jeanette to chat about her fitness journey and so much more. 

Favorite quote:  “The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you tap into your power to change anything in your life.” ~Hal Elrod


Tell us how your winning photo came about?

I started following PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT last year and I’ve been amazed by all of the great content, positive motivation and monthly sweatlebrity spotlights so I knew I wanted to be part of the fun! The winning photo came about as part of a fitness photoshoot I did with my friend, James Jeter – based out of the DMV area (Instagram: @mansamusa87). The photo captures me doing one of my favorite outdoor exercises – the battle rope slam.

Please briefly share your fitness journey with us.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I started running track as a young child and grew up to become a collegiate sprint-hurdler. But after college, I struggled with balancing work and adulthood with fitness and healthy living. So, a few years ago I hit a very low point in my fitness journey where I wasn’t working out, I was 20 pounds overweight, and I suffered from high blood pressure, high stress and anxiety. There came a point when I no longer wanted to feel tired, stressed and unhealthy, so I started following lots of health and fitness experts, and reading lots of health articles and books. As a result, I began to slowly change my daily habits to create the awesome fitness and wellness routines that help me thrive today!

We believe fitness + friendship = FUN! What is your favorite group fitness workout?

I love a good hot yoga or trap yoga class with friends.

While working out is important, so is eating the right foods. What is your go-to pre-workout meal? How do you refuel after a workout?

I typically workout early - first thing in the morning (around 6AM) so I complete a lot of my workouts fasted. However, if I feel like I need something to charge me up then I’ll have 1/2 cup of green tea or black coffee and some oatmeal. Post-workout I’ll have a Protein smoothie (typically plant protein + 1/2 banana + almond milk + frozen berries), or I’ll eat a full breakfast that usually includes a veggie omelet + fruit + oatmeal. 

What is one item that is always in your gym bag?

Resistance bands and resistance loop bands – you can grab a workout anywhere with these items.

What are your top 3 fitness Instagram accounts to follow?

@PrettyGirlsSweat  - naturally! I also really love following @msjeanettejenkins@massy.arias and @kaisafit.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

One of my favorite ways to workout outside of the gym is salsa dancing! I’m an avid salsa dancer.

What are your top three goals you hope to accomplish in life?

1. Live a long life filled with love, happiness, good health, purpose, compassion and service to others.
2. Build a beautiful family of my own.
3. Make a living and become financially free doing the work that I love – helping girls and women build self-care practices that help them live healthy, abundant lives.

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

To me, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means that beautiful, strong girls and women are grounded in self-love and self-care, and aren’t afraid to sweat and work hard to live fit and healthy lives.  

How can readers stay in touch with you on social media?

Instagram and Twitter: @busyprobalance
Facebook: /BusyProBalance
FOUNDER | Aeshia is living her dream. The social entrepreneur unites and empowers girls to be health leaders in their communities. The child obesity epidemic along with the void of entertaining yet positive fitness content and events for young women (ages 13-22) led to the conception and rapid growth of her passionate venture. Before creating Pretty Girls Sweat, Aeshia worked in the TV industry for over 9 years - working her way up from an intern at ABC to a producer on Sundance Channel's celebrated, primetime series ICONOCLASTS. The former high school athlete (track, volleyball, and basketball) and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was also a model for Wilhelmina in New York City. In her free time, the wife and mother of three girls enjoys reading inspirational books, listening to music, eating great food with friends, and enjoying the outdoors.