LOVE: It’s A Balancing Act

Balance is defined as: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. This simple statement defines a much bigger idea. Balance is essential in every aspect of human nature. Life is all about being able to balance many different things. One of those things is the task of having to balance friendships and relationships. While this may seem like an easy feat to accomplish for some, many find it hard to find time for all those special people in their life. However, it no longer has to be.
Just because you get into a new relationship that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your friends goodbye. Dedicating time to all those special people and making sure they don't feel neglected is most important. With seven days in the week, it is possible to balance time. Divide your weekdays and weekends with your girls and significant other. Maybe even designate weekends for quality time with everyone. A little planning will go a long way. Moreover, make sure to acknowledge that some events your friends or boo are inviting you to simply cannot be bailed on. If your boyfriend has his championship game on Saturday and your girls are inviting you to  go to the mall, you need to prioritize and be there for your man and cheer him on during his biggest moment and vice versa.
When it comes to dating and having friends, there is no such thing as a third wheel anymore. Your girls and your boo thang should be able to get along and spend time together. If you and your guy decide to go out to see a movie, ask your BFF to tag along. Going out in larger groups is a good way to see your friends and boyfriend at the same time. Plus, she can check your guy out and give her raw, unfiltered opinion like true best friends do.

At the beginning of all relationships, couples want to spend as much time together as possible. This causes both parties to spend less time with their friends for a period of time. With that being said, beginning in a romantic relationship will allow people to redefine their friendships. Technology is the perfect way to connect with friends when you cannot see them 24/7. Texting, skyping, and snapchat are fun ways to communicate when apart. There’s always a way to make the best of every situation.
Everyone is bound to find that special someone someday and when it happens you'll be faced with the task of learning how to balance old friends and a new relationship. Learning how to do this may seem like a foreign concept, but applying these tips to your life will make the transition so much easier.
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