A Love Affair with Marley Hair


It's always fun to experiment with new styles, and YouTuber SistersWithBeauty does just that! Check out her video, which is Valentine's Day inspired, and details her cheeky love affair!

Marley Hair is fairly easy to come across and also very versatile! Not only can it be used to freestyle, like in this video, but also to create fabulous Marley Twists! So what do you think? Digging SistersWithBeauty's style and poetry? Let us know below!

By the way, how was your Valentine's Day? ♥

Happy styling!

TEEN REPORTER |R.O. is a senior in high school. In her seventeen years of life, the Outstanding Drama Award recipient has tried it all. Hair-wise, that is. From quick chignons to complicated braid patterns, she has truly learned what it really means to style hair and is more than willing to share her knowledge with the world.