The Lip Bar Founder and CEO Melissa Butler on Balancing Entrepreneurship and a Healthy Lifestyle!


Founder and CEO of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler, joined us on episode 25 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show to offer insight into her unique upbringing, how she ventured into entrepreneurship, and the importance of branding yourself!
After leaving her corporate job on Wall Street, Detroit native Melissa Butler took a huge leap of faith and launched her own cosmetics line, The Lip Bar. Melissa took her unique line of vegan, cruelty-free lipsticks onto ABC's "Shark Tank" in 2015, only to be discouraged and mocked by judges. Despite this, the Florida A&M University graduate did not let the experience get the best of her and continued to persevere, turning The Lip Bar into an extremely successful line that is now in Target stores nationwide! Wanna hear more about Melissa's inspiring story? Listen to the podcast below! 

You can connect with Melissa on Instagram at @melissarbutler and check out The Lip Bar on instagram at @thelipbar.

On her time at FAMU:

"HBCUs, they literally water you. You come as a seed, and you leave as a tree."

On sacrifices she's made for her career:

"I saved a lot of money to get my business off the ground. That meant I had to sacrifice. I wasn't always at brunch on the weekend, I couldn't always shop the Zara sale, and I was comfortable with that because I knew I was about to follow my dreams."

On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her:

"It means you're taking your self care seriously. It means that everyone is beautiful—because I truly believe that—and in order to enhance your beauty, you're willing to take care of yourself." 

How inspiring! Let us know in the comments what you think!


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