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Journey to the Crown: Power of Living In the Moment


As someone who is always thinking about the future, it can be very challenging to live in the moment. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming in class about my plans post-college graduation, and before I know it the class is over! I also have trouble holding conversations with people because as they are talking, I am already thinking about what I am going to do once the conversation is over. While planning for the future is important, there needs to be a balance. This year I am trying to find an alignment between appreciating every single moment, whether it be positive or negative, while still planning for the future. Here are four steps I've been taking to embrace and reflect on my growth thus far and document this beautiful thing called life.

1. Journal

Journaling has been such a powerful and therapeutic tool for me. It helps me de-stress from the day and process my emotions. I also love journaling because I can read entries from weeks or months ago and see how far I’ve come. It has become a personal history book of the blueprint for my life.

2. Being still

I love taking photographs! Photographs allow me to capture memories and save moments that I can re-live. However, I had to teach myself how to put the camera down sometimes and just appreciate the now. We get so caught up in capturing the moment we stop living in the present. I challenge you to put the camera down and just take in the beauty and essence of life.

3. Address it

When something negative happens in my life, I usually tell myself not to think about it “because I do not have time to be emotionally unstable.” This phrase has been my excuse to not deal with difficult situations or feelings. I convince myself into thinking that if I push my emotions off they will eventually fade away. HUGE LIE. Instead of the emotions fading away, they stay bottled up for weeks and then I explode! Now, however, I am challenging myself to address the issue head-on. If I need to cry, I cry, and if I need to scream at the top of my lungs and run around my apartment then I will do that, too. We cannot push our emotions off because it will be much more detrimental to our mental well-being in the long run.

4. Vlog

When I talk about creating vlogs, I am not referencing YouTube vlogs. I'm talking about vlogs where you can sit in your room and just vent to the camera. While this might sound odd, vlogging is another outlet for me to process my journey. I know that my experience as Miss Central Pennsylvania is going to fly by, and I am not going to remember every single moment. However, by creating personal vlogs, I will be able to reminiscence and remember how I felt at specific moments. Whether I was overwhelmed with joy or frustration and stress, I can look back and know that it was all worth it because I was making a difference and living out my dream.

Taking the time to reflect and be present is a key part of life. We often get so caught up we fail to recognize the beauty in our current situation. There is always a lesson to be learned, whether it be positive or negative. Embracing these moments in life will bring clarity to your journey and help you dive deeper into discovering who you truly are.

Alisa Vasquez is a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University. Her passion for journalism began as a senior in high school when she was one of the anchors for Blue and Gold Television. In addition to being on air, she also enjoys using her love for writing as a platform to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Her dream is to land a spot on Good Morning America, in addition to inspiring young women through her love for fitness. She understands the significance and power of living a healthy lifestyle, and wants to share that desire with young women across the country.