Source: Alisa's Photos

Journey to the Crown: Empowering Women to Speak Their Truth


I am incredibly thankful for all of the women who have courageously fought so we can live the lives that we do today. Even though we still have a long way to go, we have come so far and I truly believe that 2018 is the year of the woman! Women from across the country are boldly speaking out against inequality and injustices, and I could not be prouder to stand with my sisters in solidarity. After listening to Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globe’s two months ago, I wanted to create a video series that gave women a platform to speak about their truth. I decided to interview Dejane Gibson, Jamila White, and Laura Mckinney, three of my close friends because they have inspired me to live unapologetically. This video highlights some of their most vulnerable moments as women while giving us advice on how to walk our own paths regardless of what society asserts.


I encourage you to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Do not allow fear or stereotypes to silence your voice. I challenge you to take an hour each day and reflect on your growth. Reflect on obstacles that you have overcome, goals that you have accomplished, and lessons that you have learned. Do not be afraid to share your life experiences with others because your truth has the power to set someone else free! We are intelligent, beautiful, and strong young women who can light this world on fire with our various gifts and talents. This year, let us be unapologetically ourselves, breaking through barriers and glass ceilings one step at a time.

Alisa Vasquez is a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University. Her passion for journalism began as a senior in high school when she was one of the anchors for Blue and Gold Television. In addition to being on air, she also enjoys using her love for writing as a platform to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Her dream is to land a spot on Good Morning America, in addition to inspiring young women through her love for fitness. She understands the significance and power of living a healthy lifestyle, and wants to share that desire with young women across the country.