How to Transition from High School to College Within Weeks


Move in day is here, you are decorating your dorm to your liking, and the excitement of college has set in. Parents will leave soon and the babying phase of freshman week will come to an end. How will you survive?

Be Friendly!

Treat College like the first day of any school. Go out and socialize. Finding friends will make the transition easier because you will meet people who are just as scared/nervous as you are.

Don’t be afraid to join a club.

The more involved you are with your school, the more it'll feel like home. Joining an org on campus will help you become familiar with your university and connect you with a group that will keep you in the loop for all school activities. Find a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT chapter on your campus or start one!

Do not let freedom get to your head.

It's up to you to do your work, go to bed on time, study and balance any extra curricular activities. Your parents won’t be there bugging you to do any of those things. Time management and discipline will play a major role in how successful your life in college will be. (Don’t embarrass your parents)

You're not homesick; the change is just too much.

Take a deep breath. College can be a lot to take in and we often put pressure on ourselves to excel. You will make plenty of mistakes the first couple of weeks, that’s all a part of the transition. Do not let that discourage you. Continue to give your absolute best and you will succeed.

Jasmine Turner is a 2nd year political science major on the pre-law track from Atwater, California. She found a love for writing after the death of her father and used it as an outlet to deal with grief. Jasmine is committed to the “fit life, works out 5 days per week, and recently started a vegan diet. Prior to joining the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Team, she has been working on a blog that will track her fitness and new vegan lifestyle.