How to Self-Love This Valentine's Day

During this time of the year, love tends to be on everyone’s minds.  We want to prove to our friends and family that they are loved, and we do so by showering them with just about everything under the sun. While showing others special attention is a major highlight of Valentine’s Day, it’s also just as important to stress the love that you have for yourself. That's right, it doesn’t hurt to dedicate some time to showing yourself affection on a regular basis. In fact, it will heavily affect your decision-making process in the best way possible, and it'll help you’ll realize your full potential. No need to worry if you aren't exactly sure how you'd like to show yourself a little love, just keep reading, you know we've got you covered with ideas!

1. 7-Day #LoveYOURSELF Challenge

This month, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT introduces our seven-day #LoveYOURSELF challenge. For seven days, write something nice about yourself on a small piece of paper each day. Then, place each note in a container—jar, small box, etc.—and pick one to read whenever you are feeling down. If you want to, you can even ask your closest friends to write things that they admire about you. See your strengths as gifts and use those strengths to get out of the tough challenges you face. 


2. Do What You Love

Sometimes life forces us to do things that we must do. However, life is too short to invest too much time doing things you don't enjoy. Spend some time doing the activities that you deeply care about or simply spark joy.

3. Reward Yourself

You work hard. Whether that be through school, a job, or any other activity, you must learn to reward yourself. Sometimes that means going to the spa to relax, shopping for those new shoes you saw in a Zara lookbook, or maybe even taking a nap. As you tackle and conquer new challenges in your life, provide yourself with a gift. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence!

4. Journal Your Inner Thoughts

As you go through your daily life, work, school, or other responsibilities are constantly on your mind and your thoughts may begin to wander. Sometimes, the best way to communicate those thoughts is to write them down. When you journal, you're able to have a deep conversation with yourself and unleash the emotions you may hide throughout the day. In other words, it keeps you true to yourself.

5. Say No

Sometimes we believe saying no makes us a cruel person, but most of the times when you say no, you are just setting boundaries for yourself. If people are pressuring you to do something that you aren’t sure about, say no. Separating yourself from those temptations can influence you in the long run, and you will feel better that you didn’t cross lines under overbearing pressure. 

6. Accept Yourself UNCONDITIONALLY 

We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses you have may not be the same strengths and weaknesses others have. You must accept yourself—the good things and the bad things. According to LifeHack, “constantly having a mindset of wanting more and more will squash any chances you have of acceptance. Embrace acceptance and watch your stress levels go down.” 

7. Forgive Yourself

We have all made mistakes. No matter how deep the mistake is, it makes us feel embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty, creating an emotional—and sometimes physical—burden on ourselves. We must always learn from our mistakes, which includes learning to let them go. You can’t alter your past, but it’s definitely possible to make better decisions in the future by being your best self. In order to do that, you must forgive yourself for making mistakes. Look at them as learning experiences; you’ll be influenced to change. 

Know any other self-love ideas to indulge in this Valentine’s Day? Share them with us in the comments below!
SOUL REPORTER | Shelby Wingate is a rising senior at Whitefield Academy in Mableton, Georgia. The extremely competitive athlete plays basketball and runs track for her school. While she does love sports, Shelby uses her competitive nature to excel in academics and will apply that same drive when she attends college to major in Journalism or Communications and minor in French.