How to Organize a Killer Closet for The New Year Ahead!


On New Year's Eve, everyone makes resolutions that (hopefully) will improve themselves in the year ahead, but why do we wait until spring to get our messy closets in order? December is actually the perfect time to organize because you can make room for the clothes you get gifted that will be nudging their way into your closet soon. Just pick a Saturday or Sunday when your schedule is clear and follow these tips to get well-organized.


Remove all of your clothes and shoes and paint a dingy closet interior a light color so dark clothes are visible. Every closet should have lights in them. Try florescent light strips that are made specifically for closets. You can find them at your local hardware store.

Note: If you still live with your parents, don't forget to ask for permission. Also, if you live in a dorm room or apartment, ask your RA or landlord before making any physical changes to your closet space.                                 


If you're not going to wear something again or if it doesn't fit, let it go. Donating these clothes to the salvation army, a homeless shelter, or a battered womens shelter will not only free up space in your closet but it will help people in need. Also, trash anything that is stained or damaged beyond repair.


Use the space underneath your clothes to store shoes. If clear stackable shoe boxes are not in your budget, keep shoes in their original box and tape digital pictures on the front of the box (facing you) so you can locate them quickly.  Use the highest space in your closet to store the stuff you use the least: out-of-season clothes and boxes of memorabilia. Lastly,  turn your purses into storage bags by stuffing your scarves and knitted hats in them.



Encourage your peers to organize their closets too. When everyone is done, invite your siblings and friends (and even your mom) to your room to swap items you all no longer want. Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure.



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