How to Maintain a Neutral Relationship With a Messy Roommate


Whether enrolled in college or not, living with an untidy person is a problem most of us will face at some point in our lives. Let’s face it… not all of us use the same house rules and approaching your roommate negatively about their messy ways can quickly start a confrontation. On the flip side, ignoring the issue can cause an even bigger problem between the two of you. Keep reading to learn how to respectfully put this issue to rest. 

Tip #1: Set Rules in place the moment you move in. 

Let your roommate know how you feel about a clean room. Say things like " I think we should set rules and boundaries, so we will always respect each other's space." This way unnecessary arguments will be prevented, and you both will hold a mutual agreement on "room rules." Be clear about your boundaries but be willing to compromise.  

Tip #2: Keep your side clean.

If you're dealing with a true slob, keeping your area clean can motivate them to get their belongings in order. That doesn’t mean they are going to become super neat because you are, but they may become more cautious about keeping their things from going on your side of the room. 

Tip #3: Address the problem and don’t wait until your breaking point. 

When sharing a space, it's easy to become annoyed when a problem keeps recurring. Instead of ignoring it and holding in that frustration, let your roommate know how you feel in a calm, respectful way. This will avoid lashing out and turning your neutral relationship into a bad one. Remember to treat people like you want to be treated. 

Tip #4: File for a roommate switch before things get bad 

When handling a messy roommate, always be respectful. You may be upset at the conditions of the living space but maintaining a neutral relationship with them is more important. Kindly let them know that the conditions of the living area will not work for you. 
Have you had to deal with a messy roommate? Let us know how you handled it in the comments! 

Jasmine Turner is a 2nd year political science major on the pre-law track from Atwater, California. She found a love for writing after the death of her father and used it as an outlet to deal with grief. Jasmine is committed to the “fit life, works out 5 days per week, and recently started a vegan diet. Prior to joining the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Team, she has been working on a blog that will track her fitness and new vegan lifestyle.