How I Made $50 Within My First Month Using Grocery Cash Back Apps


There's no better feeling than earning FREE MONEY. That's why cashback apps are my latest obession. You can earn gift cards, PayPal credit, or real cash SAFELY through online cashback and rewards programs. By simply scanning grocery store receipts and clicking on offers, you’ll have extra money in your budget to buy the workout gear you've been eyeing or purchase those items on your Amazon wishlist. During my first month of using cashback apps, I made $50 and you can too! Ahead, I'm sharing the top three cashback apps I use and a few tips on how you can maximize their offers. 


Swagbucks provides a variety of methods for users to earn money: taking surveys, signing up for third party offers, earning cashback when you shop, watching ads, and playing games. Each offer you complete earns you “swagbucks” which are equivalent to one real cent. The "swagbucks" add up quickly, and with these tips, you’ll be cashing out your "swagbucks" in no time. 


1. Download the “Swagbutton” when you sign up! I earned an additional 100 swagbucks by doing this. 
2. Scan your grocery store receipts to earn cashback on pantry staples. It’s also more efficient to search for these cashback offers via product type, instead of by store. 
3. Print the coupons from DAILY. There’s an additional 25 Swagbucks for every coupon you redeem. If you don’t want to physically print these coupons, click “Save as PDF” instead when in the print settings. Swagbucks will only credit 50 coupons each day, so it’s best not to exceed that limit. 
4. Complete the daily poll.


Ibotta is focused solely on receipt scanning. This app has the largest variety of grocery store products you can earn cashback on. And by scanning your first receipt, you instantly earn $5.50.



1. Opt in for text offers once you sign up. Ibotta will reward you with a bonus, but this bonus expires if you don’t act fast.
2. Redeem 10 offers within the first two weeks of signing up. You’ll earn a $20 bonus!

CheckOut 51 

CheckOut 51 is also a receipt scanning app, but tends to only have a select-few name brand products.



1. Share your referral link to a friend. When your friend redeems their first receipt, you earn $5.
2. The offer list refreshes every Thursday, so remember to browse through the list when Thursday rolls around.

And finally, make sure to upload the same receipt to multiple apps. You can earn double, or even triple the rewards from a single receipt! 

Earning my first rewards giftcard was exhilirating, but it took some patience and consistency to get there. These tips will make your cashback experience much faster and more efficiently. Stay tuned for more cashback tips & offer recommendations!

What cashback apps do you like to use? Let us know by leaving a comment! 

Tiffany Marie Tran is currently a high school senior in San Jose, CA. She loves the challenge of writing: her poetry is in the Articulation is Power anthology, and she writes monthly activism articles as the Editor-In-Chief of Youth Art Magazine. Hoping to become a political journalist, she spends her time preparing for policy debate tournaments, organizing community events as a city council intern, and participating in the Santa Clara Office of Women's Policy Girls Advisory Team. To stay healthy during a busy week, Tiffany Marie enjoys figure skating or gardening.