How to Find Time for Fitness While Away at School


#SweatSisters, it is officially back to school season! Yes, the bittersweet time where we say "goodbye" to our loved ones and "welcome back" to our campus friends. New school years can be very refreshing. They have a unique way of making us feel more optimistic, so if you want to set out new goals, then now is a perfect time! If you're anything like us, then surely your new semester goals include getting fit! With classes all day, extracurriculars in the evening, and study sessions at night, we understand how tricky fitness can be while living on campus. So to help you out, keep reading down below for some tips on how to find to get sweaty while you're away at school! 

Try Morning Workouts

If your schedule is packed from 9-5 and you're booked and busy in the evening, then morning workouts are best for you! Starting your morning with a workout is the perfect way to wake yourself up and get your blood pumping for the day ahead. Morning workouts, when done before breakfast, have also been shown to help you burn more fat since your body is in a fasted state. So #SweatSisters, this semester try waking up when the birds do! 

Get Creative 

Exercising doesn't have to take place in the gym! If you can't make it into the fitness center for a full workout, try some creative alternatives to still get your body moving. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, and take the long route to class instead of those sneaky shortcuts! 


HIIT is one of the hottest new trends in the fitness world. High-Intensity interval training consists of rigorous full-body exercises that are done in short intervals. In the grand scheme of things, HIIT will keep your heart rate moving and burn more fat in less time. That's right, MORE fat-burning in LESS time! With a steady HIIT routine, you can be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. Perfect for the girls who have classes they need to get to! 

Last but not least, join PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT!

If you're struggling to be consistent with fitness, having a group of #SweatSisters by your side goes a long way! When you join a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT chapter, you join a sisterhood of other like-minded young women who can hold you accountable, motivate you, and push you to do your best! Wanna know if your campus has a PGS? Click here to find out more! 


Let's make this semester a great one! Let us know in the comments how you find time for fitness! 


Olivia Marjorae is a rising junior at the illustrious Xavier University of Louisiana, studying Political Science with aspirations of becoming an Attorney. Olivia has a passion for journalism and creative writing, reading, and poetry. Olivia is a former member of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT CAU, and seeks to promote sisterhood and empowerment amongst other young women in all that she does.